Crowjob in Space – 5.9.2021


-Iggy quest (begins after the acquisition of the skeleton key)
*Gina sex scene
*Iggies boning
-Elevator repair crew ‘quickie’

No access to the mystery room behind the iggies yet (i was supposed to finish this for this update but didn’t have the time :c )


As usual, if something funky happens let me know, and I’ll have it fixed ASAP.

Crowjob in Space 7.2.

-fixed Fiji’s nametag
-changed Fiji’s dialogue
-Fixed a bug that allowed entrance to Station III lobby while the lazer gate was closed
-fixed a bug where the lazer gate remained closed after banging Taina
-fixed a bug where Calvin would appear on the far side of Station III hangar when returning from lobby
-fixed a bug that prevented engaging with Vendetta for the second time (or more ;V)


Windows 421.1mb
Mac 1.1gb
Linux 421.5mb

! Requires 7zip to extract ! =>

Crowjob in Space 6.2.2021

-Added Vendetta (Resort bar)
-Adjusted Mrs.Mellows’ sex scene camera
-Fixed camera issues occurring when loading a game
-Fixed nametag issue for garage boys
-Fixed graphical errors on Zerva von Zadok
-Fixed an issue that prevented from returning from Station III lobby
-Added a quickie (Fijian Fox – Station III)

Linux (comes 7.2.)
! Requires 7zip to extract ! =>

CJIS – quick update

-adjusted dialogue boxes
-already selected choices will now show up darker
-fixed an error that replaced older dialogue options with new ones
-fixed a graphical glitch on rekodo’s sex scene
-added a quickie with the ant security guard (if player bones mrs.mellow in his office)
-added a camera zoom on the pre-existing quickie



As usual, saves made on earlier versions might break something.