Small content update

-2x interactable NPC’s in Tribelands
-Fixed an error with the excecutable (launcher only, comes tomorrow)

-Tribelands quest still unavailable

DOWNLOADS (launcher updates tomorrow)

I am working to get a proper host for the launcher’s game files from Google or Amazon to get the updater run faster. For the time being however, have to resort to this barebones filehost.

UPDATE 29.7.
Mac download link has been updated. Something wrong with Mediafire, they didn’t let me download it either. Uploaded it to Mega.
Forgot to remove the launcher component from the Mac build. Should work fine now.

Crowjob in Space – update 3.7.2023

-Extension to tribelands (still WIP; no music / audio)
-Tribelands landing zone guard interactable
-Tribelands quest still unavailable (IRL job kicked my ass last month, sorry 🙁 )
New update coming soon after this with more s*x and content for the tribelands, including the missing audios.

DOWNLOADS (Launcher updating tomorrow)

Launcher is up to date, grab it from here if you don’t own it yet.

A slight delay for the next update

Due to circumstances regarding my day job I’m a little behind the schedule. I will however release a new sex scene this weekend, but the continuation of the Tribelands quest will still be unavailable. I can slip in a “quickie” or two with the short update since those are faster to make.

Sorry about this!

A friendly reminder that this is still just a hobby to me, not a job v: No pun intended.

Got things finally in place, but have to postpone the builds for monday after work. Time is a heartless bitch.

Crowjob in Space update (20.4.2023)

-New character; Boss’ niece + sex scene
-New location; Tribelands (wip, not accessible besides landing zone)
-Dilla “Darling” Harmriutt playable in Tribelands

More content on the new location in next update.

In the future, Darling / Calvin will be followers and unlock new scenes with other characters, but thats not anytime soon.

I apologize for the small content update. Majority of the new NPC’s are still a work in progress and I wanted to put out something at least.

Mac (remember to read the ReadMe file)
Launcher update available later tonight

As usual, let me know in the comments if/when something breaks and I’ll get em fixed.
Note: If you’re a first time commenter / you’ve commented a long time ago in the past, your comment requires a manual validation before it shows up! They’ll come through, there was a bot problem in the past so I’ve got to result into this.

Crowjob in Space update – 7.1.2023

-Sex scene for Xeno #2
-Added Rojo (Resort hangar, break room)
-Fixed a bug in Scarlett’s sex scene (multiple animations simultaneously)
-Added a dialogue option for Scarlett to replay the sex scene
-Fixed Wraak’s / Scarlett’s gallery entries not working properly
-Fixed the blue border issue when loading a save
-Fixed Wraak’s replay sex dialogue option not showing up

-There is a bug that prevents Xeno #2 sex scene from initiating, fix coming in a moment.

Bugs fixed, links updated!
New update is now available through the launcher! If you haven’t gotten the launcher yet, you can download it below.

DOWNLOADS (standalone)

Mac (Instructions on how to give your Mac permissions to run it are included)

Launcher (windows only)

Crowjob in Space update (22.11.2022)

-Added Wraak

If saves from older version breaks something, make sure to let me know! (What broke/doesn’t work and where + screenshots if possible) The compatibility shouldn’t be (but still might be) as big of an issue.

(Launcher updates prob. tomorrow)

-Fixed Wraak’s selection not working on the gallery. Links updated

Crowjob in Space – 22.8.2022

-Added Yamada
-Fixed a bug where Calvin hovers in resort’s entrance
-Fixed a bug that messed with variables after ‘topping’ the lifeguard
-Fixed a bug where music got stuck when returning to the gallery

Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

Launcher update on 23rd.
Launcher update uploaded. Get the launcher here if you haven’t gotten it yet.

Crowjob in Space 19.6.2022


-Added Xeno #4 sex scene

Windows (launcher)

Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

Fixing a bug that prevents talking / activating the new xeno scene. Links coming back up soon

Links are back up.

Note: The launcher version still has the bug that prevents you from talking to Xeno #4 (after completing the “xeno quest”) The sex scene is still available via gallery if you start a new game -> Cheese it. I will upload a hotfix today after work!