Crowjob in Space updated

Rather small update this time around. It has been snowing all month, which means more work for me. Anyways,

  • Tozi interactive as Darling (purple shark near the entrance)
  • Sidney interactive as all three characters (otter in the bathroom stalls)
  • Replaced interactive areas as white arrows to make navigating easier
  • Known issues:
    • Sound loops when entering character selection while sex-scene is playing

For the next update I’m bringing sex between the playable characters little by little. In the end, they can have fun with one another individually and finally as a group. Hot stuff.


Crowjob in Space can be found here and here.


Crowjob in Space: Station III bug fixes

-removed ambient sounds because they pissed me off
-fixed a looping sound issue whenever exiting a scene from the X button
-mechanic’s buttonmode turned on
-fixed an issue where darling topping mechanic, animation froze if darling’s finisher was clicked too fast
-removed green artifact from the bar, when talking to rin
-removed the looping sound from the bathroom
-readded return option for Robin in the server-room
-rugdy’s after-sex animation will now play instead of getting stuck on the first frame
-fixed a soundloop on ife’s scenes
-fixed a black screen on the mechanic when playing as calvin


Crowjob in Space: Station III | Update 1.2.2016

  • New playable character Milan

This still has the sound bugs from previous release, I’ll get on to those later this week. My job is taxing me some time but I’ll get them done eventually.

As of now, Milan can’t access the reception area yet. Also expect bugs!



  • Mechanic should be now accessible as Darling
  • Fixed a sound loop bug thing on Calvin x Mechanic
  • Fixed something else, forgot what 😀