Crowjob in Space update 31.3.2016

Hey folks, I’m posting this update in it’s current state without the Calvin & Milan scenes. Last tuesday I had an accident with my bicycle and hurt my hand and knee pretty bad; I can’t rest my right hand against a hard surface at this point so I couldn’t finish the second half of the update yet. I can finish the other half probably during next week, depending how fast this thing heals.

Until then, our space-iguana Vale is there to entertain you!



  • added Vale for Calvin and Darling
  • Updated hangar entrance (still work in progress)

6 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space update 31.3.2016”

  1. das it seems like u need a crew man, if you wanna get these updates done faster seeing that you got fans you could post a tweet saying hey im looking for some people to help me take this to the next level blah blah blah but anyway good update and get soon were countin on u ^p^

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