New Crowjob in Space update is out. Added a new character(s), Mikey and Michelle. You can check em out here.

I woke up 04:45 this morning to fix this thing up. Didn’t make it all the way, the commissioner lives in the opposite timezone so had to wait for a while for the morning to catch up on em, so I may get the required information for rest of the fixes. I can stay awake only so long.

Next up some Milan stuff with additional Patron characters and quickies.


3 thoughts on “Updatezor”

  1. 1° Comment:

    Man this game is pretty cool.

    Not only by the party hentai , but also the animations.

    Do not get me wrong , they were well done , but I think this missing something like lights , shadows or a little more color.

    I’m not here to criticize , so I am here to show the strengths and how they can be improved.

    I hope I’ve helped.

    Bye !

    2° Comment:

    awesome hentai game. i like the changes. but no have changes for the shark girl. why?

    3° Comment:

    why do not you use some of your old characters and animations in this new game ?

    4° Comment:

    the first game has so many places to go and so many characters to interact. why this latest game lost all these things?

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