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  1. Firstly, I can say that I do respect the amount of effort you put into this. Even if you do flip-flop a ton, and I have 0 clues on what your end goal is due to that.

    So… are you ever gonna bother including a female PC?
    Or are you just gonna mock people with the lackluster NPC excuse that’s Milan?

    I mean, you are 2/3’rd of the way with making her a PC, if you combine all her scenes, she almost has a full scene. So that’s further than a lot of other games that also fasely claim to have a female PC.

    Just don’t get why you are scuffling around so much for. Unless you intentionally want to insult people or something? That could be a thing. I’m just sincerely confused on what your angle is… why claim to make a female PC, then not finish a single of their scenes? Yet sprinkles dashes of actual female PC scenes throughout?

    I mean, the first scene they got was a pure “april fools” type of deal. You literally played the mechanic. Saw from their PoV, the scene had no climax, (just like all of Milans scenes. Incidentally, an orgasm is literally all she’s missing to count as a PC, as then she’d have all the elements to count as a PC… even if she’d be the only PC with a majority of their scenes left unfinished…) was solely focused on the guy and all that.

    Both the two PC dudes share identical set-ups for all their scenes. (All at least work the same in the bathroom bj. So nice work on that one.)
    They both follow the same scene concept. (unless it’s a unique fetish scene, then there is one or two alterations.)

    To give some examples: All their scenes include some sort of foreplay to get them aroused. Then it has a focus scene, be it PoV or just simply them getting blow, both always have a part that’s all about them. Then it ends with a climax for them. The PC’s “job” is solely to get off. That’s all the two guys do, walk around and try to pleasure themselves. (with the rare exception of scenes like the bathroom blow, which I personally thinks add some needed flavour.)

    But then there’s Milan… who does none of those things regularly, or at all. She doesn’t fit the “Crowjob” theme. She has none of the drives that has been the staple of the series. 1 (or maybe it was two…) of her scenes has a “focus” part. 1 of her scenes has a PoV shot. (of any use, there is one more as well) 1 of her scenes has a “getting theme aroused” part. And 0 of her scenes has a finish.

    And the climaxes are like… the bread and butter of the entire series. Why make a PC that has no finishes to their scenes? (well, as said: they technically lack qualifications to count as a PC, but you know what I mean) Just so confused over the whole 0 orgasms with Milan. I know you for no given reason dislike female ejaculate, (despite being made of the same material as male ejaculate) but there’s not even any “I’m cumming!”, contractions or leg twitches or any inidcation whatsoever of a climax.

    To wrap up: Hopefully this can be the last long comment I leave. But it would help if you stopped being so confusing and/or vague as fuck on whatever you are going for.
    I just have no idea how to treat Milan. Are they just a running gag? Are you trying to prove a point/flip the bird at people? Are you genuinly trying to make a female PC? As, I’d respect about any reason. I’d just need to know what the fuck said reason is xD The massive uncertanty makes it extremely difficult to know how to comment about it.

    Like, HTH doesn’t give a flying fuck about female PC’s, and admitted they won’t put any effort in them. And only even included them lazily as they felt like they had to cross of a checklist. So their stuff is easy to figure out. It’s just “token minority” treatment. But Crowjob… it never gives any clear signals. It’s always this “maybe we will, maybe we won’t~”, like Milans scene with Hazel.

    Would be really nice if we could get some confirmation next patch or something. Like, you plan to go back and finish her scenes, make her an actual PC? Or just have her linger in Limbo or what’s the plan here? Though, if your aim is to go all Katey Perry “Hot n cold”, then keep at it if it makes you happy. But would still be nice to know what you are going for xD

    Anyhow, sorry for the long text row.
    I do think your work is neat. I just wish it could be remotely clear on what it’s supposed to be.

  2. Hm… shit, sorry.

    Looking it over quickly, noticed the 2’nd and 3’rd row of text are completely obsolete, and only there to take a jab at you.

    Oh well, fuck. I really gotta start proofreading the comments I write at five in the morning.
    Dunno if you’ll even read it due to the pointless insults. But you are a bit of a handful tbh.

    Still, it was tactless of me. I should have just stuck to the point.

    1. Well, you were being quite the arse, mate. All I could gather from that wall of text is that Das is apparently mocking us and making fun of us because Milan doesn’t cum. That’s not even a good point. It’s just insults and nonsense.

      I myself don’t care about little things like that. I just love this thing and want him to keep working on it without killing himself or stressing out too hard over it. Nobody asked for my opinion, though.

  3. Yeah reading over that comment it seemed like kind of an incoherent rant about female orgasms or something.

    I for one just wish Das wouldn’t keep being hit with waves of depression and also if there was a way for him to have us easily access some of his earlier crowjob in space builds.

  4. Know where I can find the flash that has Mikey and “Crowbutt” lol, in the apartments? Love the updates and your hard work continuing this is appreciated by all. We love you Das!

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