Well then.

Today the source file for the current Crowjob in Space got corrupted; during the autosave process the Adobe Animate crashed, and I’ve been unable to open the source file ever since. 

The plan was to release this one more update with two new characters before dropping the updates. After that the plan was to create this one big gallery that consists of all the Crowjob in Space sex animations I’ve done over the years, from all the builds all the way from 2012. Since this file cannot be repaired, I’ll proceed on working to bring that gallery available and recreating the two now lost animation sets and including them there.

Already began working on it since there is nothing else to be done regarding this project. 

I will still be producing 3D animations as usual and 2D animations as well, but I will not be working on flash platform now on, after this gallery that is. This will affect on my patreon as well, I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, check out Rack 2 and Cloud Meadow for your sexy adventuring needs.



38 thoughts on “Well then.”

          1. Ok I understand it, roo bad Crowjob in Space is gone…. Anyway I hope you make new stuff and you add as well older CIS chars into new animation project maybe.

            I can’t wait you can add to the gallery evry chars then. :3

  1. You know, it’s funny how you tell people to look at your twitter and trello for updates, complain that people ask you for updates all the time, then you do this shit. Like seriously, how many times have you done this? Are people really this fucking stupid that you can just pull the same gimmick over and over and over again and rake in thousands a month for free? Jesus. THIS DUDE IS SCAMMING YOU. STOP SUPPORTING HIM

    1. Are you suggesting that I corrupt my files on purpose? And where am I exactly getting “thousands a month”? If I made that much money by animating furry porn I wouldn’t have to work as a property manager.

      Learn some skills and make your own things for money. Jealous git.

  2. extremely unfortunate…not unpredictable. You seemed to have lost interest a while back in this project. Not many furry artists seem to finish what they start either. So another bites the dust. Your best animation has still been on the long gone animation with the orgy porn video on the bulletin board. Downhill from there.

  3. Real shame to see the series go, but I still look forward to your work in the future. Do you have plans on making anything similar to this series later on? I know you said you’re dumping the flash format, but still.

  4. I hope you realize that I check the site every day in order to see if any new content gets posted. This is pretty shitty, man.

  5. Unfortunate, but not unsurprising; the Flash editor has always been terribly unreliable.

    It’s generally unwise to work on any large project from a single .fla file, it’s much better to break it down into lots of smaller ones, e.g- per area; you then produce an SWF for each area you update, and use a main .fla to import them and build the final game.

    For example, the bar might be a single .fla with all available scenes for each player character. You build that in Bar.swf, and in your main.fla import it externally and build the game that way.

    I really hope you kept backups and can recover it, as it’d be a shame to just abandon Crowjob in Space; it just needs recognising to work around the fact that Flash is terrible.

  6. Well guess I will miss the game so much cuz its good and I really enjoyed it so its kinda emotional for me that its gone now.

  7. Sorry to hear that the source file got corrupted. Have you tried right clicking and restoring previous versions by any chance?

  8. Hmm I dont get it though, why not just run it through the free JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler v10.0.0. For me it was able to extract everything. It would probably take a bit of repair work after extracting but from what I see every sex scene frame, shape, sprite, etc is recoverable from just the SWF you already have. If that decompiler doesn’t work there are lots more to choose from though not always free. Also for backups you could always setup Cobian backup which is also free and you can schedule it for hourly if you needed to.

    1. Those work on .SWF formats, the file in question is the actual project file, .FLA which got corrupted beyond repair.

      I don’t like working with Flash anyway, so this is a good excuse to call it quits and start something new on a better platform.

        1. Those decompiled .fla’s will have every scene mushed into one, actionscript gets scrambled and isn’t possible to be used as is. It also cant bring back that content that was left on the corrupted .fla and not on any exported .swf.

          I’m done with flash, period.

  9. Sorry to see another project that you just can’t seem to be able to finish… Looking forward to that gallery, though. I mostly liked your second attempt at the game, to be honest.
    Btw, how come the file cannot be salvaged? Did you not keep copies of the earlier version’s source files?

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