Out with the old, in with the new

For my next project I’ll be working on something with old school’ish point & click mechanics. After some preliminary planning I’ve decided that it’ll┬ábe

  • short
  • small, 2 to 4 places (or “rooms” if you will)
  • have 3-5 non-playable characters

The idea would be to get laid with each NPC. Each of them have their own requirements before they agree to it, in other words, short quest objectives, which will consist of finding / using certain objects in certain locations to achieve certain things. It does sound very vague at this point but the goal is clear; make something with a beginning and an end.

Plan is to build something bigger on the foundation of the experience gained from this smaller project, move on from there.

I’ll be posting my progress on this project here as it develops, in a form of screenshots and concept art.



(PS. I know that Crowjob in Space gallery still is missing little bit of content, and I will get back to it on monday.)