CawQuest progress update

I’ve been figuring out the dialogue system and expression changes in relation to the dialogue choices for couple of days. Today I figured it out and that’s another milestone for my dumb face.

It’s actually simpler than it looks!

Still no ETA (I can’t stress this enough! I’m bad at guessing time 😀 ) but hopefully I can push out demo sometime soon-ish. Once I’ve figured out the inventory system I’ll move on to the sex animations.

Stay tuuuuned.

5 thoughts on “CawQuest progress update”

  1. You can do it, just keep at it. Im sure more people than you realize are waiting for this game to at least be playable. You got this!

    1. Just do what you think is best. It’s your game. I’ve liked every descion you’ve done so far, and I know you’ll have full support from people.

  2. Do what you love to do man. I think you’ve made the best game out there (You know, when it comes to furry 18+, but beats most games like it that aren’t furry and try this). You know that game House Party that came out? Your stuff beats the quality of people with a team and a budget! Just think of that. Like the other guy said here, although they may be silent, like I have for the most part, there are definitely a lot of people following your progress right now. I check your site and twitter every day, not just for the game, but also seeing what’s up with you, from what you share about your mood that is.

    Keep up the good work dude, but don’t ever feel obligated or limited by this!

    Think of the asshole fans George RR Martin has for Game of Thrones. Loads of people complain to the guy to stop enjoying life and finish his books before he dies! Huge assholes of human beings. Feel good mah lizardman and stay positive

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