Crowjob in Space status update

After quite the long brake I’ve continued the work on the new Crowjob in Space installment. Current build has couple of working sex scenes and I’m currently animating the NPC / Calvin’s talking animations that will be playing during every time there is dialogue.

I will be releasing a public demo once the first NPC interactions are complete. The download link will can be found here eventually.

10 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space status update”

    1. First comment dude really its a work in progress by a SINGLE DUDE making a game by himself, There are characters that need to be drawn, animating that needs to be done, programming, back ground art dialog and probably much more than what i can think of on top of that the guy has a life outside of building the game. So how about you be less of a needy little brat and be patent and wait for it to come out when it does and be glad he is doing it at all!

      Message to Das if he reads this – Take your time man i would much rather have you release the game when you are happy with it than for you to feel rushed and put out something that your not happy with. It will be done when it is done and personally I will be here waiting.

  1. I loved every crowjob in space game i’ve played. Keep up the fantastic work Das, We love ya dude 😛 Also, how bout an animation with a sexy red fox guy in the game? I think that would be amazing. Take your time though, no need to rush perfection :3

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