44 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space (DEMO) *updated*”

  1. looks like through out the games you have put out your quality has improved over them, the only thing in my opinion is that the UI is a bit janky at point.
    buuuuuuut this is also just the demo, so keep up the good work i am not disappointed much love <3.

  2. Hello DAS.
    Big fan since the very first beta way back (0.4 was it?)
    Never commented, only consumed your great stuff.

    This…this is very, very cool!
    Thanks for everything.

  3. So, I’d be more than happy to say that all of your work on this certainly hasn’t been for nothing, because what you’ve got so far is definitely very smooth and sleek in design. The point-and-click walking style is something especially surprising to me, and a bit of a departure from the last few games, though definitely a welcome one. Makes the whole thing feel a little larger.

    I also very much liked the visuals. Now to be honest, your art and rendering has always been pretty great, especially with your last game, but you’ve definitely honed in on a lot of detail with these models and scenes. Your focus and work on the detail on both of the characters’ cocks, for instance, is great, and the way you’ve worked the the foreskin into the blowjob scene just shows that detail.

    With the sex scene itself, you’ve stepped up again from the last game, and I think by making specific body parts to click in order to progress a scene is good from the point of not interrupting the visual of the scene, which is what I assume you used it for. That also nicely links in with the point-and-click option, between the eyes or a hand, which gives more of an element of choice than we’ve had before this incarnation of Crowjob.

    The sounds were always quite good, between the last game and this demo, at any rate, but it’s another improvement that it’s less a sound on repeat and feels a little more integrated, or that’s how I feel anyway.

    I think that covers most of the main bases! I know it’s a bit long, but I’m hoping I won’t be the only one replying with any info or feedback, and I do just want to say here that I think, for the first taster of your new game, I think you’ve showcased quite a lot of improvements and the features we’ll be seeing along the way, so all I can say is keep up the phenomenal work!

  4. Looks good so far! im excited to see where this will go, heh.
    i noticed that in the walking animation for Calvin, his toes will disappear.

    i am concerned however that the new walking around thing will just get in the way of the actual action.
    the old point and click worked really well. at least i think so

    crossing my fingers for more xenos in this version of crowjob
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. There is an option to export for Android so it is certainly possible. Havent experimented with it yet, will definately give it a closer look.

  5. Really glad your still making stuff Das, this is great! I loved your older games too, keep up the great work man. Thank you!!

  6. Das you are amazing, been consuming your work since 2014, keep the good job, once I can I will for sure donate (my english is bad)

  7. i like the demo, lots of potential to develop this into something special and could give you some freedom of creativity, who knows, perhaps you could make a joke character where the only way to unlock their scenes is by blocking it with a password which could only be obtained by looking through your twitter post, seems like a fun way to give the middle finger to people who never check

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