New Crowjob in Space demo (18.4.2018)

Crowjob in Space (demo) – 18.4.2018


-Fixed dialogue scrolling sound from not playing in the resort
-Fixed Dove’s ‘Quickie’ reply
-Fixed reception table disappearing after leaving the resort and coming back
-Fixed Dove’s sex scene getting stuck
-Fixed an issue where door activated immediately on the resort hallway
-Fixed a disabled hotspot in Boss’ sex scenes after going in for seconds
-Fixed an issue where Dove appears in WC and reception simultaneously

-Changed reception desk to a new one
-Added alternative control method to options
-Added ‘Quit to menu’ option in the menu
-Added sounds to the resort

-Still working on an issue where Dove doesn’t show up on the WC after going through some of the dialogue sometimes. Any reports on this would be appreciated.


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28 thoughts on “New Crowjob in Space demo (18.4.2018)”

  1. Looks really great!
    One thing I noticed was part of the foot, at the tip, disappearing during the walking animations. Also while having sound muted it played for like half a second upon returning to space after the resort.
    Keep up the great work, everything looks good 🙂

  2. i got one thing that looked weird and it was in quicke with dove, it was like a screencaption just pop up and stood there

  3. Mother fucker, im again only waste my time and traffic with this crap!.. I TOLD YOU, its NOT work in WinXP win32. I see only error message about “not find enter point in procedure InitializeCriticalSectionEx in DLL Kernel32.dll (((((( Get back to normal flash format, damned! ((((((((((((((

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