41 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space (demo) 21.8.2018”

  1. Once again, you have nailed it sir. I can’t wait to see more and I definitely am very thankful you’ve maintained a balance of gay, bi, and straight scenes. It’s a breath of fresh air from the usually “my team is more superior than your team” mentality I’ve noticed is common place within the fandom. Please keep up the excellent work!

  2. I’m sorry, but I’m having problems. With the new version of your game, I do not have the chance to repeat the scene with Mr. and Mrs. Mellow

  3. Hmm, not bad for such an early build following a complete change of engine. I did spot a few issues with the animations, though.

    Calvin’s walking animation (especially the feet) seems to clip outside of his texture/sprite. Some of the sex animations can also look very noisy (especially noticeable with the boss’ scene, when he says “Having second thoughts?”), which I’m guessing is due to some kind of video compression, since I haven’t heard of Unity natively supporting 2D vector-based animation in any way (even their support for static SVG is still barely a thing).

    Which parts are and aren’t interactable is also a problem (very noticeable with the Janitor, the hotspots are all over the place) and the beach being visitable is not hinted at at all. With Flash, you could at least try to tab-select your way through stuff, but there’s currently no such thing with the new unity version.

  4. Can you go any further after reaching room 2 floor 2? just wondering if im missing something or if this is the end of the demo.

  5. So just out of curiosity, I know the most recent build just came out but is there any ETA on when another build is going to be put in? Perhaps something involving some more lewd things… and yes, I mean butt sex with that naughty crow being on the bottom.

  6. After Mr Mellow’s scene is there anything else that’ll happen or when I reach the room through the elevator that’s the end?

  7. How many scene on this version?
    If Mr. Mellow is the main story, I hope you can make other option to have fun with Mr. Mellow only. T_T

  8. So I tried to start up your game and my antivirus alerted me saying “IDP.Generic” was in your Win64…buuut it seemed to be a false alarm and the game started up fine as anything.

    Holy fuck you REALLY improved on these animations dude <3 these are really damn nice and I am so glad you're continuing on this as a new improved game, I loved every encounter in this (especially the Mellows, damn kinky~)

  9. Will there be Darling in this game? I loved her so much in the previous ones!
    Really nice work and i hope u find it easier to work on the game this way instead of Flash :-).

  10. Hey! When (your best idea, of course nothing to root on) do you think the next patch /might/ be coming? I mean, I really wait it and am starting to think about creating a patreon account just for this. But just so I wouldn’t need to check it so often, do you have /any/ idea when it’s going to be patch time?

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