Crowjob in Space – 25.6.2019 *updated*


UPDATE: basement seems to be broken atm, hotfix coming tomorrow

UPDATE#2: Basement error fixed, it is now accessible via the elevator! Downloads link updated.

25 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 25.6.2019 *updated*”

  1. Love the new character. Unfortunately it seems medical isnt working though. Something to consider though is maybe add a tablet that Calvin has so you can quick load the different characters and scenes so you dont have to walk all over the place back and forth especially to switch top and bottom with the life guard. Over all though its amazing

  2. Is Rekodo Vekod supposed to be the guy in the basement? Cuz the name I see is “Null” and I don’t know how to interact with him other than him hissing and the observe thing.

  3. Well that sharkie is a real cutie! Can’t wait to have fun with this null Xeno also are you planning to make that security guard ant fuckable too?

    I have a weakness for bugs what can I say X3

  4. Das, I’ve been playing your game for the longest time I can remember, huge fan here. I personally think you should upload your game on steam for a decent price. There are many erotic H-games on steam. Then upload character scenes for a small price like 0.5$ or something as DLC content, or included with the base game but a larger price. I’d gladly pay for it!

  5. For some reason, no matter what I do. Mr.Mellow’s office is always zoomed in for me. So I cannot continue after getting the key card. Since the door is out of view.

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