Crowjob in Space status update

I’m currently wrapping up the resort location, working on the last interactive scene and the background crowds to bring things to life a bit. This will take a little longer so most likely no new public update this month, with christmas and new years on the way.

Hang in there!

10 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space status update”

  1. By “wrapping up” the resort location, you mean wrapping up the initial interactions you can have on there right? Since it seems this game could be expansive with revisiting past locations for new and different opportunities, as one of the main characters is a courier delivering packages.

  2. you said no public update so is there a way for us to access the game earlier by paying or something like on patreon or something?

  3. Already excited to see what you bring up next, I been loving every new addition so far! Have a merry christmas and a happy new year Das ^^

  4. What are you going to finish up Das? Some more sexual animations before you start working on, which I asume, Station – III?

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