Crowjob in Space – 19.1.2020


Mac [730MB]
Windows (64-bit) [737MB]
Linux (coming soon)


-Fixed a bug that prevented a dialogue option to show up if the bartender was sexed before talking to the ‘beach ladies’.
-Added sounds to the ‘beach ladies’s’ animations
-Fixed an error where bartender’s underside view didn’t show up
-Added a new interactive NPC (Dr.Crinaia)
-Added more NPC’s
-Removed PDA


-Old savegames may break the gameplay.
-Small layering issue, hotfix coming tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 19.1.2020”

  1. >New character is a thicc, older, bespectacled woman with heavy elements of mommy/MILF roleplay and heavily implied pregnancy elements

    God bless you, Das. You’ve made a new character the speaks to my deepest desires- reeducating an older woman on the joys of mother/womanhood. God bless you, you beautiful bastard, and keep up the great work.

  2. Looks like you’ve already hit the Google Drive limit on the Mac version, won’t let me download.

    Any chance of hosting on somewhere else like Mega as well?
    The free allowance should be enough as long as you only keep the latest build for each platform.

  3. I have a problem downloading the game from google drive because it says that too many people have accessed the file recently (quota exceeded). Maybe next time, as a suggestion, upload to google drive, mega and other file sharing websites?

  4. Great works as always Das. I’m loving the new interaction with the Dr. Don’t let people stress you out over your game, just keep doing what you’re doing. Can’t wait for more content in the future

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