Crowjob in Space – 19.1.2020


Windows 64bit:!rEgUXaIL!rDbgdyOk…..jsMXbWkJkIesoc
Windows 32bit:!eVoECaLI!MJhBZL4Y…..Ypzc7mKdUdzT2w


*Fixed a layering issue
*Added additional interactions with some background NPC’s

Due to the high amount of people downloading from Google Drive (where I uploaded the game first) the bandwith has exceeded. Thus I’ll be providing Mega links. If you have issues with the download links, copy/paste the link to your browser, or try another browser. If it is something else let me know.

25 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 19.1.2020”

    1. to Das: if bandwidth limits (google) or government blocking (mega) are an issue maybe try releasing a torrent? just triple check the release version runs without bugs since torrents are 5evar
      to Aman: Try setting your DNS to one hosted in a less restrictive country (cloudflare, google has one too, openDNS) and by enabling DNS over HTTPS in your browser if it supports it

  1. in fact, you can do a way to avoid the high amount of google downloads, you just have to add the download to your unit (google account), then create a copy in your google account and you can download the copy without problems

    pd: I did the google translation sorry if any word is wrong

  2. Seeing a problem during several scenes (the boss, Xevron, the Lifeguard) that the game experiences flashes or flickering during sex scenes. Saw these in previous versions as well, running windows 10. Dunno if I’m the only one, but wanted to bring it up!

    Otherwise, great game, Das!

    1. I also had that issue too, using Windows 10, other than that and the bottle of wine’s picture not showing in the inventory, everything is running smoothly!

  3. Hey, Das
    I’m from Russia and, if you want, i can help you translate all the dialogs in the game into Russian.
    If u want, of course

  4. Hey not sure if this was discussed in comments in another post but the dialog for the bathroom scene with the receptionist has been missing for the last few updates, at least the last 3 or 4 maybe more. Don’t know if its on my end or something with the game itself.

  5. how kan I run it in mac cause somehow it doesn’t open.
    It says “this app cjijs_mac cannot be opened”
    help haha what do I do
    i did download the previouse game with all updates from the past in it but wich npc’s are now interactive?

    1. Yeah it does that to some people for some reason. You gotta do this via terminal:

      chmod -R +x .app/Contents/MacOS

      After that is should run normally.

      1. thanks for the instructions but or i am doing something wrong but it still fails to open the updated version.
        could you be more discribtive

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