Crowjob in Space – 30.3.2020 (LINKS UPDATED)

  • New sex scene for the boss at the mothership (after 1st delivery)
  • Null quest (after 1st delivery)
  • Null sex scenes
  • Calvin’s ship interior (accessible from the overworld map)
  • Fixed mixed doors on the basement
  • Fixed flickering animations (let me know if this occurs again)


Windows (64)

Windows (32)



Upcoming updates

  • Station III (probably just the beginning)
  • Call in Mr.Mellow / Mrs. Mellow to Calvin’s room in the resort
  • New walk cycle for Calvin + run cycle
  • Dialogue box tweaks

82 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 30.3.2020 (LINKS UPDATED)”

    1. How do you download crowjob in space for mac? it brings me to a page where you download it and when I do it gives me a zip witch opens “mac” and it says the application cant be opened. Any help with this?

      1. After delivering packages to Mr. Mellow go back to your boss, he will then give you a new quest to pick Null. Once you pick him up go back on worldwide map and press ENTER SHIP. You will find Null there.

  1. Please stop using Mega to distribute the files. It can take HOURS to download the file, it constantly harasses the user to pay for an account, and it puts a cap on how much you can download, using your IP address to cut you off after some limit. Dropbox and Google Drive don’t do this.

  2. I dunno if this happens to you guys but I run this game on a windows 10 and every time I try to upload the new version tells me the file is damaged, how can I solve it?

  3. Hey so I’m using Chrome to download it but it suddenly jumps to full completion at 90MB and gets me a corrupted file that doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

        1. not dowload man, When i try to dowlod just get 100 kb and inmediatly when i try to extract appears a sing that says
          Have “An error has occurred”

  4. I’m also having issues with the Windows Version. The Zip file will only be partially downloaded, but the website will act as if it was completed. Upon trying to extract the incomplete files, an error will occur. I’m not sure to the cause to the issue but hopefully this info will help you…

  5. I was getting that error everyone else was earlier, used Microsoft Edge to download it instead of Chrome and it worked fine.

  6. when i try to unzip the file, it doesn’t have all the stuff the previous versions do (idk if this is something you did purposefully, i’m just noting it) also, i had to repair the file with winrar in order to unzip it. on the download website it also says the transfer is 900+ mb but the download is only ~400 mb (idk if this is a thing that occurs, just noting everything. i’m not great with computers)

  7. app won’t open such as last time.
    terminal refuses to see the file.
    what could help me couse i don’t know any other ways than with the “chmod -R +x” this is what i’ve been using and my mac still refuses to open the game.
    i loved the past games but now i cant play the newer better version please help.

    1. I had the same problem, but if you input the “chmod -R +x” and then just drag the app from whatever folder you have it in directly into the terminal and then hit enter, you should be able to open it.

  8. I don’t have a mouse. Using Windows 10. Download > unpack > Crowjob in Space.exe. No mouse, can’t continue further than the “New game” screen.

  9. I’m not seeing any of the new updates. i know i downloaded the right file and i even started a new game. what am i doing wrong?

  10. The download says transfering but it won’t continue it’ll stay stuck for a hour then download then stop. Can you try using another website?

  11. I figured out the issue. Thanks for outputting the debug log.

    InvalidTimeZoneException: Exception of type ‘System.InvalidTimeZoneException’ was thrown.

    My timezone was not set to automatic.

  12. Windows version seems broken.
    The archive is damaged and if you force unpack it, the UnityPlayer.dll is missing

    1. I already re-uploaded it and tried out the download from a separate computer with no problems. Perhaps different browser would help?

  13. Man, I’m loving this game, dude. All of these sex scenes are so hot. My favorites are Null, both of the scenes with the Boss (would love more of him and Calvin; perhaps nude?), the lifeguard, Dr. Crinaia, and the beach ladies. I look forward to all the stuff in the future!

    P.S. I’m taking a Game Design course in my college right now, so I have some experience with Unity. If you ever want some help, don’t be afraid to message me, dude. I could help with all the text patches since I am pretty good at grammar.

    1. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! The janitor was another one of my favorite sex scenes. All the shots of his and Calvin’s butts were just great.

      Anyways, again, I hope to see this game flourish more, dude. And if you need help with those dialogue boxes, then hit me up with an email. I’ll be happy to help, dude.

  14. i fixed the failing to initialize windows(32) problem by downloading both the 64 and 32 bit and moving the file data.unity3d from the 64 to the 32 bit data file and it fixed every problem for me.

  15. Das, я чувак из России. Английский к сожалению знаю плохо, поэтому хотел попросить в следующим обновлении перевести на русский язык (желательно ВСЁ) спасибо за внимание!

  16. Hi DAS. I downloaded this update, but i have problem, i turn on this game and this write “Failed to initialize player” what i need to do?

  17. Hi DAS. It’s me again, i think here and have idea, how about Null and Calvin romance. I think you wouldn’t agree, but if really idea can be good

  18. Did you just translate game on russian with a google translate ?
    Cus’ it looks bad and i even can’t understand anything sometime.

  19. tengo una pregunta cuando sera posible acceder a la estación 3 tengo ganas de ver como luce y ver que buenas escenas tienen preparadas ahí sobre todo si son de transexuales

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