Crowjob in Space – Web-build update


-Changed dialogue system (mainly visual)
-Fixed ‘Quit to main menu’ from the pause menu
-Optimized sprites to reduce filesizes
-Fixed an error that caused animations to skip frames (blue flickering)
-New graphics for Calvin
-Fixed some issues related to the savegame system
-Added an intercom in Calvin’s apartment to call in characters after doing them (the ones sexed in calvin’s apartment + Mr.Mellow for a solo session)
-Station III is available but due to limited time I wasn’t able to make the NPC’s in there, and it is limited to the entrance only. Music and audio are still missing from there as well.

PLAY HERE (~400MB, takes a while to load)

DOWNLOAD (win64)

DOWNLOAD (win32)

DOWNLOAD (mac) [Excecutable permission updated]


Due to high traffic the web-build takes too long to load so I’ll be making downloadable builds as well.