Crowjob in Space – Web-build update


-Changed dialogue system (mainly visual)
-Fixed ‘Quit to main menu’ from the pause menu
-Optimized sprites to reduce filesizes
-Fixed an error that caused animations to skip frames (blue flickering)
-New graphics for Calvin
-Fixed some issues related to the savegame system
-Added an intercom in Calvin’s apartment to call in characters after doing them (the ones sexed in calvin’s apartment + Mr.Mellow for a solo session)
-Station III is available but due to limited time I wasn’t able to make the NPC’s in there, and it is limited to the entrance only. Music and audio are still missing from there as well.

PLAY HERE (~400MB, takes a while to load)

DOWNLOAD (win64)

DOWNLOAD (win32)

DOWNLOAD (mac) [Excecutable permission updated]


Due to high traffic the web-build takes too long to load so I’ll be making downloadable builds as well.

67 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – Web-build update”

  1. Hay Das!

    Thanks for the update, the web version loading is too slow, do you have any tips on making it load faster?

    1. I wish I did, there seems to be a lot of traffic going to it. I’ll keep on investigating it, but in the meantime, there’s a downloadable one.

  2. Hey DAS!

    Update really good (how description tell), but Web slow load, 64 bit i can’t play cuz i have 32 bit. I hope you make game for 32 bit soon

  3. Yo Das, I’ve seen that a “running” feature for Calvin would be a thing this update. While I was playing the game, I couldn’t make him run so, I assumed that it’s not a feature yet. Will you implement that running feature in this hotfix?

  4. Excellent work. This is my favorite furry game ever so thanks so much. I’ve been a fan since the first version. I hope rin that cute dog boy returns some day. Thanks again das <3

  5. Hey, Das! I’d just like to say that this new build is pretty good! And I have a lot of things to say about it.

    – The new sex scene with Mr. Mellow is amazing! I can’t wait for the sex scene when we see him on the bottom.
    – The new intercom in Calvin’s apartment makes things much easier to get to sex scenes quicker (at least, the ones in the apartment), so this is much appreciated. Hopefully, this is expanded on in the future.
    – Calvin’s redesign looks cute. I do like both designs for him in general, but I feel I like this design of him more, so this is definitely a step in the right direction.
    – The “Quit to Main Menu” button works as it should now.
    – Everything else from the previous builds looks to work just how it should, and I do not see any issues with any of it at the moment.

    As much as I do like this build, though, I do think there are a few issues I have with it. Not huge issues, but some nitpicks I do have and a few bugs.

    – When selecting the intercom, there is no option to cancel out of it. What if a player clicks on it on accident and wants to cancel out of it? They are forced to go through a sex scene and either play through it or load the game as soon as the scene begins to be able to get back into the game.
    – I feel that Calvin has inconsistent walk speeds. In one area, he can be incredibly slow, and in another, he can be walking normally. It doesn’t hurt the game that much, but it does get noticeable.
    – The option to replay one-off sex scenes is not here, so the scenes with Mr. Mellow and his wife in the office, the bartender’s blowjob, and the Boss’ first sex scene is still unavailable after the first use.
    – On the topic of the Boss, I did notice that if you agree to do the second sex scene, do it, and then select him again, he goes through the same dialogue as when you first arrive to do the second sex scene. What’s more, there are two of the same options on the menu to agree and reject him that appear when you ask him. It is a bit messy, but from what I played, it is nothing game-breaking.
    – The “Hold Mouse to Move” option in the Options Menu doesn’t apply. I am holding the mouse button down, but Calvin doesn’t keep moving when the button is held. He walks like it is still pressed.
    – For some reason, there are times where the music in the Resort either doesn’t loop anymore when the music ends or the music plays the beginning of the loop at random when an area is selected. Again, that is not a game-breaking glitch, but it is something I noticed that was different from the previous build.
    – You say that Station III is available for a limited time, but when I tried to enter it, it wouldn’t let me go inside. I tried to enter it with and without Null, but it didn’t work for either time. Was I too late to enter the place and it is unavailable now, or is this a glitch?

    Whew! And that is just about everything I have to say about this build. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot, but there are some flaws with it that do hold it back a bit. I do look forward to the next build!

  6. Could you please restore the sprites to the previous level of detail?

    It hasn’t made a meaningful impact on file size for the downloaded version (1.27gb from 1.4gb) but the graphics are noticeably worse.

    Hosting a web version will probably be quite demanding for your host, if you want to improve load times you might consider hosting behind Cloudflare and setting up a page caching rule to make sure it caches the game’s files, as they should load faster from Cloudflare (basically it sits between the user and your site and caches files across the world). This will also save you a tonne of bandwidth.

  7. Hi! Is there any way to somehow play this on mobile, whether that be an app that somehow lets Unity work, or something else? 😛 If you don’t know any ways that’s fine, enjoy your stuff regardless man!

  8. To be honest.. I kinda liked the old Calvin-look more.. The new one kinda looks… Tired or he looks like he’s daydreaming

    1. The excecutable permission stuff is pretty complicating on the Apple side of things, but I’ll upload a new file with the said permissions (hopefully) fixed. The current link will be down for a little while.

  9. Das, are you planning to make like some sort of gallery or playback feature of the sex animations we’ve encountered? And maybe a few sex animations (and characters) that could give Calvin a serious creampie for instance?

  10. Don’t know if it’s been asked before, but why don’t you have a patreon or something? I guarantee you’d get plenty of backing.

  11. Confirming the Linux build works without any issues on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. If you’re using other distros, be sure to install and configure unity and any third party media codecs needed.

    After extracting the files, either right click and go to file properties, and enable executing the file as a program, or enter the command below in terminal to enable the execute bit.

    Enable execute bit:
    “chmod u+x ~/path_to_cjis_folder/cjis.x86_64”

    Run via terminal (while in the folder directory):

      1. Dumb-ish question (because I refuse to reverse engineer your code). But just so I can do better Linux testing, are you using .mp3 for your audio in the game? Or is it some other audio format?

        I can’t do extreme testing, but I’d love to help verify your builds work on Ubuntu/Debian based distros.

        Knowing what format audio you use will make it much easier to suggest open source codecs for anyone who needs it.

  12. I actually might have a suggestion, perhaps for the last delivery (Which is what I assume, ages away) if you wanna hear it, Das

      1. To get to the point: Calvin has to go through an “Endurance” test after the last delivery, which I assume happens at the unnamed planet. (Correct me if I’m wrong) The endurance test adds a Stamina bar on the left-hand side of the player’s screen, which represents Calvins stamina. (Assume that Calvin has to enter a high-secure building) Calvin could say or think to himself: “This is going to take a while” and has to get through the building to deliver the last package, to someone at the end of a long hallway.

        In the long hallway, you come across multiple enemies which wanders around. They all have a line of sight. If Calvin gets in their line of sight, then they’ll chase Calvin, (Calvin will automatically run) if he has no stamina, and the chaser catches Calvin then a sex-scene happens. The player is forced to click on certain spots on their screen to make calvin escape. The dicksize of the enemy influences the length of the sex-scene and how many the player must click on a certain spot on their screen. Misses will also be a thing: If the player misses all of them (3 maximum) then the player must watch the sex-scene

        If Calvin’s stamina is reduced to 0 during a sex-scene, then random sex animations will play for the enemies that gets too close or catches Calvin.

        However, if this is too much, then once Calvin is caught, the player must simply watch the sex-animation until they can play again.

        I know this is a lot to take in..

  13. Hi DAS !, I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing a great (and spicy) job, and look, I’m Brazilian and I’m here in a wonderful place (sometimes I wonder why I’m here)

  14. Das, what are you planning to do with the side-characters on Mr.Mellows Resort? (The garbage boys, the characters in classic suits, in the section where Calvin’s room is and the others)

    Because I might have a few side-quest ideas, for example: For the characters in those suits, one of them could’ve lost somthing or asks you something about the resort (For example, the elephant talks to you), depending on how you answer their questions, they might follow Calvin into his room, perhaps?

    And maybe for the garbage boys, they could ask Calvin if they could get something that energizes then, such as coffee, and then they could ask you if Calvin has a room to “talk” in

    No idea, just a suggestion

  15. heyy im new here, i just discovered crowjob in space, and im wondering if the shark and the fox will be included in the newest version some time in the future because i first played the old version and then played the latest one and i was confused. thanks

  16. Love your work man!
    If possible, wanna ask for more guys!LOL
    Love Sidney the otter in the previous version,
    will there be possinility for him to come back?
    <3 TKS for the great work!

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