Crowjob in Space | Taina update

-Added Taina NPC, Station III
-Added a cancel option on the intercom
-Added the possibility to poke Mr.Mellow’s wife again or after refusing the first time
-Changed inventory menu to appear by right clicking instead of hovering over

Known issues
-Calvin’s ship changes size when exiting Station III

Windows 64bit
Windows 32bit

As always, if/when bugs, errors etc. show up let me know!

22 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space | Taina update”

    1. no es que te aparece en el comunicador es que vayas a la oficina del sr mellow y hables con el de ese modo podras cojerte a la señora mellow de nuevo.

  1. Would it be possible to get alternate links for the downloads, on say Mega or such?

    I’ve tried several times to download the Mac version now and it’s insanely slow and just fails part way through and won’t resume.

    Alternatively, given the size, maybe torrent files would be an option?

    1. I used Mega before but many complained about the file transfer limits. Google Drive wasn’t good for people either and Dropbox locks the file down with the amount of bandwith they received. I’m paying 100$ a year for Sync just to be able to keep the files downloadable without transfer limits so I’m going to be sticking with this. Files are downloading just fine on my end, so maybe try a different browser?

  2. will there be a web version? if not it’s fine downloading it now, been following this for ever just now finding it again *since like when the space station was a demo lol*

  3. Would it be possible to get alternate links for the downloads, on say Mega or such?
    Try this!
    Win 64 Bild

  4. When I get 5 characters in intercom the cancel option doesn’t appear And I have to call one of them to continue playing the game

    1. I cant promise any ETAs, I still gotta finish Mrs.Mellow’s solo scene, Mrs.Mellow’s bottom scene, work the NPC’s and locations for the Station III and a certain darker dragoness scene.

  5. I can’t seem to get out of Mr Mellow’s office after first meeting him and the wife, and getting the room keycard. There’s no interactable areas other than him (and that just replays the threesome). So how do I get out?

  6. I just discovered the update and downloaded it but when I opened it it said CJIS cannot be opened. I’m using the mac version.

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