CJIS – quick update

-adjusted dialogue boxes
-already selected choices will now show up darker
-fixed an error that replaced older dialogue options with new ones
-fixed a graphical glitch on rekodo’s sex scene
-added a quickie with the ant security guard (if player bones mrs.mellow in his office)
-added a camera zoom on the pre-existing quickie



As usual, saves made on earlier versions might break something.

22 thoughts on “CJIS – quick update”

  1. Nice update!

    Just curious, but will the 3rd floor button on the elevator be made functional, with a corresponding elevator door, at some point? Now that there are two repeatable scenes there it’d be good to be able to get to them quicker.

    Always love seeing new updates, thanks so much for putting in the work on this game!

  2. Hey, man! I kept my promise to you and played the build just now, and I have to say. While there weren’t a lot of new things added, what you changed in this update is great for the most part!

    To start off with the stuff I liked:
    • It is nice that you fixed the graphical glitch in Rekodo’s sex scene. That was a nice fix, and it makes the scene better overall.
    • Having already selected choices blackened out a bit is nice. It gives the player some hindsight on what they chose already, and I think that is very good PFI right there.
    • I’m excited to see that the glitch where you finally get the cancel button in the intercom when you see everybody available. That was definitely a great change.
    • The new quickie with the ant security guard is very nice. I like it quite a lot, especially with some of Calvin’s butt being shown. This is making me more excited for more quickies in the future.
    • Zooming in on the pre-existing quickie with the dog girl was nice, and it helps make the quickie much better.

    Of course, there are things I’m still not a fan of:
    • As I’ve said before, Calvin moves way too slowly, and I feel his walking speed should be bumped up a little bit.
    • The controllable camera with Taina and Mrs. Mellow’s sex scenes is a bit nauseating and a bit jarring, especially when every other sex scene doesn’t have this camera.
    • The ability to replay the bartender’s second sex scene is still unavailable. I would love to see that scene get the same treatment as the boss’s second sex scene.
    • I feel the text inside of the dialogue boxes should be centered instead of having the text all the way on the bottom left. It’s not that big of a deal, but I feel that the dialogue boxes would be better that way.

    Overall, though, I do love this build as I always have with the others, and I do look forward to the next build for sure!

  3. What am I supposed to do with the Xenomorph guy? It said take him to station III but I can’t do anything there.

  4. Hey Das, are you planning to make a few scenes that he’s getting gangbanged by some characters? If so, on which map will that most likely happen?

  5. Ei Das tu pretende por a Darling e as amigas trans dela como do jogo anterior em próximas actualizações? seria muito satisfatório ver elas e interagir no game

  6. Hey Das tu intend to make Darling and her transsexual friends like the previous game in upcoming updates? it would be very satisfying to see them and interact in the game, especially Darling and that blue-colored trans that appears at the beginning of the game.

  7. Is it possible to complete the mission where you drop off the male hooker at station 3? Because i’ve tried just about everything to get past this mission and it is not working. It just says
    [N/A mmmmate!]

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