Crowjob in Space – November


-Mr.Mellow’s ‘top’ option in solo session
-Quick; Garage boys
-Station III revamp; entrance to the station next update

-fixed camera movement in Taina’s scene

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  1. Hmhmh, i found a bug. If you save nearby a janitor then load your save, the camera won’t move ( i’m sorry if i made some grammar mistakes)

  2. Ok! So I just played the current, and it’s looking great as always!

    For my likes:
    • The new revamp for Station III looks a lot better than it did before. It’s very reminiscent of the first design of Station III, which is a pretty nice callback to this game’s roots.
    • The new quickie with the Garage Boys is pretty good. A nice threesome is always welcome, the side view of Calvin sucking the tapir’s dick and the bunny making his ass wobble like that was very nice, and it’s nice to see them get something other than a description text box. I did personally wish there were back-to-back blowjobs, though, but other than that, these quickies are getting better and better.
    • The camera movement for Taina’s sex scene makes it a lot better since now you mostly get the full picture instead of having to jerk the camera from one part of the screen to another.
    • The new top scene with Mr. Mellow is great! His dialogue was simply arousing, and the shots of his ass are amazing. Plus, that ending view of him riding Calvin from the front is something that hasn’t been done before, and while I would prefer one more shot of Mr. Mellow’s rear, this is definitely a good replacement. Overall, this was a solid new scene, and it makes me want more of Mr. and Mrs. Mellow.

    Of course, there were some things I wasn’t a big fan of or am spouting out as nitpicks:
    • You heard this a dozen times already, but I need to say it again. Calvin moves very slowly, and it can make walking through some areas a bit of a chore, particularly the hallway where the janitor was and the hangar.
    • Also said a dozen times already, but the ability to play the barkeeper’s second sex scene (the one where he gives Calvin a blowjob for some wine) is not present. If the second sex scene for the boss can be replayed, then why not this one?
    • While you were able to fix the camera movement for Taina’s sex scene, Mrs. Mellow’s sex scene still has the problem with the loose camera movement, which does still make it a bit hard for me to enjoy her scene.
    • Mr. Mellow having camera movement in his scene is a bit weird since he didn’t start off with that. It’s not a big problem, and the camera movement doesn’t hinder his scene by any means, but it is weird to see. And I do hope everybody else’s scenes stay the same.

    Overall, this is a great step forward, man. And I do look forward to the next update! I can’t wait to see more ass!

  3. Hey Das, were you planning to add a quickie (Or sex animation) to those characters in the classy suits? Where the appartments are?

  4. Hey Das Please try to have the sexy Dog chick from the hanger in the next update or so and make it a full multiple choice sex scene. But take your time man. Just please don’t make it just a quickie.

  5. stuck at floor 3 (lame gamedesign line) door what to do next ? cant find any clues on internet..wish it had here

  6. Trying to open this in Catalina. Keep getting “The Application “CJIS” can’t be opened.” Furthermore, I’m not getting any notices in Security so it’s not an unidentified developer issue.

    1. That is something that occurs on the more newer OS’s. I’m stuck with El Capitan so there’s not much I can do. You gotta run “chmod -R +x” (one time deal) to get it to run.

  7. I’ve noticed on windows when my character moves around he just T poses. Not a big deal for me because it doesn’t affect any of the scenes. Also there is no audio for the ant security guard scene. Lastly how do you start the scene with the Garbage boys, everytime I click on them it just it says those boys look tired. Not sure if it’s a glitch or I’m just dumb.
    Last thing thank you so much for making this game and keeping with it, your art is fantastic as while with your animations.

  8. Finally got it working on Catalina. Wondering if you’re gonna let us get plowed by that tall dude in the garage break room though XD

  9. So i have a really old monitor that only supports 1024 resolution, and a lot of things stay unreacheable for me making the game unplayable, is there any way i can make a custom resolution or downscale the game?

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