Crowjob in Space – 5.9.2021


-Iggy quest (begins after the acquisition of the skeleton key)
*Gina sex scene
*Iggies boning
-Elevator repair crew ‘quickie’

No access to the mystery room behind the iggies yet (i was supposed to finish this for this update but didn’t have the time :c )


As usual, if something funky happens let me know, and I’ll have it fixed ASAP.

36 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 5.9.2021”

  1. Hey, Das! Great work with this update! I wanted to come by and give feedback on it!

    First, for the things I liked:
    – The sex scene with Gina is really good, and it’s probably one of my favorites now. The different camera angles sold this one hard, and I especially loved the POV shot of her ass. Very good stuff.
    – The iggies boning was cute, and the quest was funny enough, especially with how the skinny one fucked the buff guy. Can’t wait to see what the mystery room they were blocking is.
    – That quickie with the repair birds was amazing! I’d dare say it’s the best quickie in the game (so far). It could easily pass off as an actual sex scene. It’s that good. The dialogue, the positions, the shots of Calvin’s ass, and it was longer than most other quickies. Again, I would love to see an actual sex scene with them two at this rate. My only gripe is that I wish the quickie wasn’t locked out after the elevator was repaired. I would love another round with them.

    Now for the stuff, I found a bit jank:
    – During the sex scene with Gina, it still plays the roaming theme instead of the usual sex scene music.
    – During the quickie with the repair crew, the music stopped playing after a little while, leaving the audio with silence aside from the birds clapping Calvin’s ass.

    Other than those things, though, this is a solid update, and I look forward to the next one!

      1. At the station if you go down in the elevator there are two scalies, one described as skinny and the other as buff, the skinny one asks for condoms and lube before you can pass to the (currently inaccessible) door.

        You can get the condoms and lube from Gina outside the motel.

    1. Agreed on the repair staff, it’s not really a quickie but a full scene, and a good one at that!

      Since the elevator at the resort gets fixed, it could be fun to have them relocate someplace else with a permanently broken elevator, e.g- add a broken service elevator at the station maybe?

  2. hello there DAS!

    First of all, Thankyou for the update on the game nwn

    now, iin the Gina sex scene, is it supossed to sound the sexy song in the background? cause you only can hear the lobby song instead.

    yep thas only that, thankyou nwn/

  3. I’m loving the update!

    Couple of comments:

    1. Really like the repair crew scene, but once the elevator is fixed it can’t be repeated. Maybe there could be a broken down cargo elevator at the station and they’d relocate there for the rest of the game, with a dialogue tweak to recognise Calvin?
    2. It doesn’t appear to be possible to repeat the scene with Gina once you have the condoms and lube; all I can do is say hi and ask about delivering the “package” (which is presumably next update)?

    Also, will we see Darling again in this game?

    Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!

  4. what am i supposed to do after i give the condoms and lube to the 2 lizards? i got the xenonorph and got the skeleton key but i done know what to do next. there is an elevator with a question mark on it but nothing happens when i click on it

  5. Hi Das!
    A minor inconvenient: My transfer quote on MEGA is of 1gb.
    Could you upload the version on another link?
    Mediafire? 1Fichier? Or some other without membership requirements…

  6. Slow and steady wins the race! I am hopeful to see another update soon. I want to point out the sex music for Gina is missing, and no replay option to have sex with her again? Other than that, everything is working fine as usual. And can you remind me who were the elevator workers again?

  7. Hi Das!
    actually i cant play it 🙁 my transfer quote on MEGA is of 1gb.
    Could you upload the version on another link?
    Mediafire? 1Fichier? Or some other without membership requirements…

  8. Will there be a gay option for getting the key? I feel there’s far too many straight options over gay ones right now and all the gay options follow the same beat.

      1. thats great to hear, do you have an expect date when the new update gonna comes out? Dont mean to rush anything, just wanted to know 😀

  9. good to hear that, how long is it till the next updat?
    no to rush anything, just so that i could have a good knowing on how long to wait xD

  10. I’m a bit new on this site, but i’ve payed “Station 3” a few years ago. In 2020 i found your site, so I don’t know all about history of your work. Thats y I ask this question: “Sould i hope too see Mlan in future versions of “CROWJOB IN SPACE”?

    (sorry for bad engl)

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