20 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 13.11.2021”

  1. Hey, Das! I just want to say that this build was pretty good as always! I’d like to give my feedback for it first:
    – The new sex scene with Nickie was really nice. Size difference is a big turn-on for me, and seeing how much bigger she was compared to Calvin was really nice. The banter they gave each other was cute and arousing, and seeing them fuck each other was great. The only thing I wished was that they got fully nude, but that’s really about it in turns of nitpicks. This scene is great, and I look forward to the next one!
    – The quest log is a nice addition to have for those who are lost in the game, and it seemed to work just fine when I used it.
    – I can confirm that the music changes for Gina’s scene and the repair crew’s scene are here and accounted for, my good man.
    – The Queen’s lair and her brothel are both looking pretty nice, man! I look forward to seeing all the interactions to be had with Null and the other Xenos.

    Of course, I did come across a couple of bugs and a few things I want to address. And this time, there’s quite a bit:
    – When entering Mr. Mellow’s room for the first time, it won’t allow you to exit it before you give him the package and take the keycard. And on the topic of that keycard, Calvin says that he should take the keycard first even though Mr. Mellow didn’t actually put it on his desk yet.
    – The sex scene with Nickie can’t be replayed right now, and it’s a shame since I thought it was really nice. The same goes for the bartender’s sex scene when you are getting the wine and he asks you to man the bar as well as the scene with Gina after giving the guards their condoms and lube. What’s weird about Gina, especially, is that it lets you replay the scene once, but it gives you the dialogue as if you never got the condoms and lube to begin with. What’s more, after selecting that option after giving the guards their stuff, you can’t replay Gina’s scene again.
    – I noticed little white pixels flickering during Rekodo’s climax when he tops Calvin. Not game-breaking, but it is noticeable when you see it.
    – There was a bit of a delay to pause Taina’s sex scene, where the game pauses only after she finishes speaking.
    – When I save in the bathroom and reload, a giant blue border surrounds the scene. I can still get out of the bathroom, but I thought I’d bring that up.

    Overall, though, this build is looking pretty solid, and I look forward to the next one!

    1. She’s in the hangar at the resort; from the door where you arrive head to the right until you reach another door, this is the hangar. Keep heading right and you’ll find Nickie working on another ship.

  2. I really Nickie and her new scene, but as Blue Koichi has pointed out it currently does appear to be possible to repeat it; returning to Nickie afterwards only gives the dialogue option “Nevermind”.

    The scene does feel a bit more like a quickie than other full scenes though; I think maybe it could do with a closeup or two. Even if these were just zoomed in versions of the existing animation it would give an extra stage or two, plus a better look of the action?

    Anyway, keep up the great work, love this game!

  3. Are we going to get new gay stuff along the way? I don’t like how to get pass you are forced to have straight sex with the two bird girls. There should be a gay way to get the condoms or have the player forced to do gay stuff as well.

  4. Probably a bug, but the aspect ratio was kinda fucked up, it was like the game was zoomed in, got trapped in the second floor because the exit was outside the screen

  5. Hey Das, I’m very very satisfied with the game. I just have one request. May you redo the Nickie scene where Nickie is also jerking off Calvin while she fucks him in the ass? And when they finish they both cum. I would love that!

  6. Great game, it would be great to add more than a foot of characters. Maybe a shark from the previous parts of the game?

  7. Great work as always, here’s to hoping a lot more great content is added at your own pace.

    Though I just realized something, I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years now and just realized you can’t replay the bartender’s blowjob scene. Is that something you’ll consider implementing at some point?

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