23 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space update 19.1.2022”

  1. Checking it out. Im pretty sure the dialouge with the queen bugged out on me. I clicked the icon then nothing, sex scenes still work it seems though at least. And there is flickering of Calvin from being behind and in front when you walk through the two exno sprites, looks a bit weird so I wanted to point it out.

  2. i was using the launcher and it stalled after it started the smaller download after the 3gb download and then it closed it self. which is forcing me to redownload.

  3. I installed the luncher and I launched the game then I closed the game after seeing the new scenes but when I wanted to restart it, I restarted the 3 GB download that I had already done the first time

  4. The launcher is not working.
    It keeps stalling on me I have tried everything from deleting all the files and starting fresh that did not work.
    And even set the launcher to Admin status and still stalls on me using the Windows Launcher.

        1. Alright, it might have to do with a .Net runtime but I’ll have to look deeper into it. There will be regular downloads available within an hour as soon as the builds are done

  5. Hey, Das! I replayed the build after the patch you made, and it works a lot better now! And now that it’s working well, I can be more positive with it.

    First, the good stuff:
    – The new splash screen for the game looks nice. I dig how it looks.
    – The scene with Xeno #3 was really nice. The close-up of Calvin’s ass was tantalizing, and Xeno #3 was a buff stud with a big dick, which I do like. My only nitpick is that compared to other scenes in the game, it felt a bit quick. Even Null’s first scene was a tiny bit longer than this one, but it’s still a great scene regardless.
    – The new scene with Null is amazing! Way better than his first one, honestly, due to the fact that there was more ass. A bit of a selfish claim, yes, but it really helped make it one of my favorites in the game. A lot of both Calvin and Null’s rumps being flaunted helped to make this scene one of the greats. And it makes me curious if the other Xenos will be given scenes in the future.
    – The bug I mentioned before about the bathroom in the bar having a blue border around it when the game loads seem to be gone now.

    As for the nitpicks and hiccups I came across:
    – This was a result of me trying to load the game with an old save file, but tons of graphical bugs occurred when I loaded it up. When I started a new game, none of them occurred, so hey. You weren’t kidding when you said that loading up old save files breaks the gameplay.
    – All the issues/nitpicks I brought up before are still here and accounted for. (http://spacelzrd.org/wp/2021/11/13/crowjob-in-space-13-11-2021/#comment-6774)

    So yeah, this was a great build, man, and I look forward to the next!

  6. Ugh…. I want to play it, but i don’t have 64 bit windows. I seen this game been before on 32 bit. Now i see it’s gonna be only on 64?

  7. Can we please have a m/m way of getting the lube condoms and elevator access sometime? It sucks that there isn’t and that you have to be straight to do it. And there also have to be a way to play with the elevator birdmen again after the first time.

  8. Not really a bug but if you unlocked the stairs to go up to Level 3, you can immediately turn around and use the elevator while it is still technically being repaired by the dudes in the lobby.

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