Crowjob in Space 27.2.2022


-Gallery mode (load a savegame, go to pause menu, select ‘GALLERY’ to access the scenes you’ve unlocked during the playthrough. *Does not work on old savegames made prior to this update*)
-Fixed elevator bug in resort floor 3
-Fixed multiple camera issues in various places
-Xeno #1 scene added
-Changed resort’s starting point to hangar

Crowjob in Space launcher should automatically download this update. If you don’t have it grab it below!

Windows (launcher)
Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

24 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space 27.2.2022”

  1. So the launcher keeps failing to update for me I think, the update downloads, I am prompted to start the game with the unity launcher window after the launchers closes and it just repeats…
    I dunno if its just a me thing though.

    1. This seems to happen with older launchers. I’m investigating this issue, had it happen to myself as well. The new launcher still works though

  2. I could not get the launcher to work. It just closed itself and reopened the unity prompt each time. I used the newest launcher from this update. Good work on the game btw! Thank you so much for making it.

  3. Found a bug in diner(station 3). After fucking everybody turned on gallery, then clicked returned and all diner sex scenes started. That was weird 😉

  4. Hello!

    Can’t select xeno in game, nor can I invite two ladies to my room. What am I doing wrong or does this happen in the game?

      1. Xeno is located on the B floor, where he stands near the medical office.
        Here’s the problem, his name is written like this Null and when I try to talk to xeno, I get a refusal.

  5. There is a bug in Ham animation(dinner, station 3). Before cumming scene, Ham and Calvin disappear for 0,5 second. Disturbes for a bit

  6. ok my game is not working i downloaded it from launcher but now its showing that the server not working or something please fix it and also please tell me the reason

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