Crowjob in Space – 14.3.2022

-Fixed Raiyna’s & Xeno #3’s gallery selection not working
-Fixed a bug that had Calvin stand in the air
-Fixed a bug that caused all the quickies play simultaneously in the Station 3 cafe/diner
-Added Xeno #6 sex scene
-Added an option to unlock the full gallery (‘New Game’ selection opens a small dialogue menu)

Working on the launcher issues, so here are just the standalone downloads.

Windows (standalone)
Linux (standalone)
Mac (standalone)

9 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 14.3.2022”

      1. I am not well informed about porting, but I do know that some incredible ports have been achieved,
        However this may take time and effort to do so.

        I would concentrate on the PC version first, but that entirely your decision.

        Here I list the reasons why I think you should concentrate on the PC version first
        or alternatively to not make a mobile version (which seems to be the current plan):

        I don’t think many people would play it on phone, if they have a computer already, and I think that most people that follow the development have a computer, since they can only play it with the computer.

        Making a mobile version would affect computer users little and you might not have enough marketing capacity to attract many mobile users.

        Porting may take time and effort, which may delay updates.

        This project might not be able to be downloadable on an app store due to its NSFW content. (Iā€™m not informed about that thou, so I might be wrong).

        On the other hand:

        A mobile version would raise interest of your project for mobile users.

        Mobile users that are interesting in this project might even decide to donate money for it. (But that might not be a deciding factor, since I haven’t seen a donation link yet).

        There might be more mobile users than PC users.

        If there is a great influx of mobile users, then bugs might be found more easily.

        Oh I accidentally wrote a 255 word comment, sorry for that.

  1. Some bugs:
    1.Ham animation(dinner, station 3). Before cumming scene, Ham and Calvin disappear for 0,5 second.
    2.First appearing in resort. Saving. After loading, kobolds appear (mb not a bug).

  2. I think I’m encountering bugs in my old saves (as warned) so I created a new game but I can’t for the life of me remember where to get the station 3 elevator access key, can anyone remind me?

    Gina just says that’s an issue for my client, but the client is down in the elevator, Null doesn’t have an option, and the boss back on the mothership has no option either. Where is it I’m supposed to go?

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