Crowjob in Space – 4.4.2022

-Removed the requirement for a keycard to access hangar in resort
-Gave Calvin the ability to run (double click)
-Changed the way interactions work (right click -> cycle available interactions on characters/objects)
-Added new navigations for sex scenes (bottom right corner)
-The A-key opens the inventory above the screen

Calvin may get stuck here and there with the running due to the change to the pathfinding. Just have to fix those as they come up.

Worked out a new launcher, requires a fresh download of the full game.

Windows (launcher)
Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

31 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 4.4.2022”

  1. Hey, man! I finally got around to catching up with everything that’s been going on so far with the builds. And like always, I want to start with what I like:
    – First off, I like the choice when you start a new game on whether you want to play the game normally or ‘cheese it’, as it puts it, and get everything right then and there. It helps with testing purposes and is an overall nice addition.
    – I like the idea of right-clicking to switch between viewing and interacting with things and people. It works well, too, so no complaints here.
    – It’s very, very nice that Calvin finally has a run option. I always felt that he moved way too slowly for my liking, and now, we have a way past that. A much-needed addition, if you ask me.
    – Being able to click once for everything instead of twice helps with the pacing, letting the player keep going twice as fast as before. The change really helps.
    – The new navigation for the sex scenes was a nice touch. I didn’t need them, personally, but having that there does help to get through them easier. Plus, it helps to catch the extra POV shots for scenes such as with Xai and the receptionist.
    – I know this was added in the last build, but now that I played it, I can say that Xeno #6’s scene was very spicy. Obviously, my favorite part was the ass-up scene, but the entire scene as a whole was nice. We only got a few Xenos left, so who knows what could be done with them? Hopefully more butt stuff, but that’s just me. I don’t know, you do thickness really well.

    Of course, there are some issues and suggestions I want to bring up, too:
    – I know you already mentioned fixing this, but when you enter the hangar, Calvin seems to be floating for some reason? It’s not anything game-breaking, but it’s really jarring to see. It isn’t happening in just the hangar, though. It’s also an issue with the entrance, too, with how it’s zoomed out to the point Calvin is floating off the ground.
    – I didn’t bring this up until now since I thought it wasn’t that big of an issue, but I wanted to bring it up now. I feel that the text in sex scenes should be sped up a bit. I mean that they linger onto the scene a bit too long, and if people want to go out of their way to read everything a character has to say as I do, then they’ll have to spend quite a bit to do that.
    – Even though I like the addition of the new navigation arrows for the sex scenes, I feel that in some scenes, they’re a bit too hard to see. The scene would be so dark that I could barely see the arrows. You could make them light grey to make them easier to see without being too distracting.

    Overall, though, this was a solid build–or builds since I missed out on the first one due to waiting for the QOL changes. Still, great work so far, man. Keep it up! And I look forward to stuff in the future, like with the gangster kobolds and the like. I pray we get more butt stuff, too. As I said, you do thickness very well.

  2. How long will it take you to release the full game?And if u released,remember to make it available on stream and make it NOT FREE,cuz the game worth my money 🙂

  3. Can’t get it to run on Mac. Just gives me the message

    “The application “cjis” can’t be opened.”

    can’t right click then open, cant edit user permissions or anything. help?

  4. Found a small bug when using cheese it. Used elevator to Mr Mellow and can’t use it back(Calvin said:”It’s still under maintenance”)

    1. The ‘Cheese it’ options job is to just unlock all the entries in the gallery, so that you dont have to play it through.

  5. Is there a way to change the games resolution with the launcher? as it is the game only plays in a tiny window that’s very hard to see, with no options for fullscreen or etc.

  6. Seriously m/m is very scarce in this game with Vekod being changed just adding salt to the wound.
    A lot of effort is placed more on the futa and straight stuff and it seems like any m/m is an afterthought at best.

    1. I am so tired of this. First it’s “too straight”, then it’s “too gay” tired of all of this.

  7. i tried leaving a reply before but i dont see it, seems like that i cant click the new game option so most i can do is update and look at the new game screen

    1. I have to manually approve new replies so they wont show right away.

      I’ll have a look at it today when I get home from work 🙂

  8. hey so im having a problem with the launcher for windows its going over 100% and saying something like “decompressing file 0.7.3 to 0.7.4” and it wont start the game.

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