30 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – Update 22.5.2022”

  1. might just be me, but I went to try the new scene with Serenity and nothing happens/is clickable after the initial dialogue

    1. The arrow is on the bottom right corner, it blends in a bit with the background. I’ll work some kind of a ‘background’ for them after work c:

  2. Hey, Das! I just played the new update now, and I wanted to give my thoughts on the new additions in it:
    – The sex scene with Serenity (and Pierce) was pretty good. I did like all the shots of Calvin’s butt. I’m telling you, man. That bird’s rump needs more attention. But personal suggestions aside, it was a hot scene, and while I’m not the biggest fan of BDSM, I did enjoy what was done here.

    Sadly, I will have to keep this short since I didn’t see any bugs when testing this, even when I updated the game and loaded my old save. All I’ll say is, keep up the good work, man!

    P.S. #CalvinButtNeedsLove

  3. can we have another site than MEGA because MEGA has a download space limit and prevents you from installing the game thank you.

    Ps:Sorry for my bad english.

  4. Excellent update, I didn’t notice any errors. It seems to me that a scene with a futa-zebra is definitely needed

  5. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the pathfinding occasionally just gets stuck and just flicks side to side, mostly noticed it in chuck’s bar trying to get the key card for that elevator, which I have as a result so far not managed to do. Anyone else?

    I started a new game entirely because that’s what I tend to do every time to minimize save file issues.

  6. Hey Das I wanted to ask if there a button to open the inventory bc from before it was right click with the mouse button.

    1. Yeah, it’s the A-button on keyboard. I’ll make ingame info panel for these kind of things on the next patch

  7. so i downloaded it today and installed it but there is a glitch i am clicking at new game but nothing is happening please reply fast 🙂

      1. i am reinstalling it but i dont remember any 2 option there was space where at top it says crowjob in space and under that was new game i used to play it when there was old station 3 now i am back at the game and this is the first thing that happens 🙁 btw my english is soo bad and also please dont become one of those dick heads which make 90% of the game only for patreons

  8. ok this launcher is pissing me off so i started the doqnload again and the doqnload went beyond 100% like what the fuck and i thought its a glitch and so i closed the launcher and opened game but the game was not even starting so i opened the launcher again and the whole game started to get download again can i please have your discord pr anything cuz i have wasted 18 hrs just trying to download this game

  9. I really like your game!
    But I noticed xenomorphs in the brothel, next to the queen there is a xeno with a collar, he just stands while the other sucks, could you make it so that he could suck? otherwise he’s the only stiot, he’s probably bored, by the way, since he’s wearing a collar, he might end up right in Calvin or on his muzzle …

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