Crowjob in Space update – 13.10.2022

-Added Scarlett
-Added quickie for rat girl (Resort lobby)
-Fixed a bug that made Yamada’s scene stuck (standalone)
-Added the resolution dialog box back

The launcher updates the game automatically, you can download it here if you don’t have it yet.

Standalone downloads

8 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space update – 13.10.2022”

    1. Nevermind, looks like a save game glitch; it plays out a different version of the dialogue for some reason that doesn’t work. New game works fine.

  1. Yo, Das! It’s always nice to see an update from you. As always, here’s the stuff that I liked about it first:
    – Scarlett’s scene was nice! We haven’t seen a 69 like that since the janitor, and it’s spicy. Also, the banter between her and Calvin is cute, and nothing like good anal to bring people closer together. Very nice. And also, I saw that shot of Calvin’s ass at the end. My man. 😉
    – Well, I can finally do Xeno #4’s scene. I only had to start a new game to gain access. Go fig. Anyways, the scene was great. I do love all the shots of Xeno #4’s ass and the focus on anal for her. Of all the Xenos so far, I’d say she and Null are my favorites.
    – The quickie with the rat girl was solid. Not my favorite, but it’s up there. The banter between her and Calvin was arousing, and seeing him dominate her was even more so. Plus, gotta love Calvin’s butt being shown!
    – I never noticed until now, but during the scene with the receptionist, I think it is cool you have the option to have her keep going when she’s blowing you. Nice option to have, although it would be better if there was a prompt to have you keep going when you’re done instead of going back to have the option.
    – You may have added this sooner, but I gotta say. Having Calvin speak during the sex scenes really makes them all the saucier. It really made me appreciate the scenes more, like the ones with the janitor, the boss for the second time, Yamada, and ESPECIALLY the lifeguard. The last one may be my favorite sex scene in the game so far. If you’re gonna be doing this for more scenes, then that would be great! Though for that second time with the boss, you should change the ending dialogue a bit, so Calvin says “I’m gonna go now” after the boss climaxes.

    Although I did come across a couple glitches while playing through this update, as listed here:
    – When entering the bathroom to do the sex scene with the receptionist, the rat girl is also there standing behind her. I can’t interact with her since I didn’t initialize the quickie dialogue yet, and I can start the receptionist’s scene just fine, but it is weird how the rat girl is standing there when I didn’t even talk to her yet.
    – I’m having trouble initiating the quickie with the rat girl. No matter how many times I talk to her and the game tells me she ran to the bathroom, she doesn’t appear there. I had to restart a new game and talk to her first before the receptionist, and that was how I was able to see the quickie. It was really frustrating, and it doesn’t help that once you interact with the receptionist, you’re locked out of the quickie with the rat girl.
    – I came across a weird glitch where after doing Raiyana’s sex scene and going back to the beach, she doesn’t appear on the beach… but you’re still able to highlight the area where she was and interact with her. After I do interact with her, she appears as if nothing happened.
    – The background in Yamada’s sex scene changes to the incorrect one when going from the POV and back.
    – After doing Scarlett’s sex scene, she doesn’t show up in the gallery. Granted, you can talk to her again to do it, but still, it’s a bit off that everyone is accessible in the gallery except her.
    – When going into the game when while standing in the corner where Scarlett is, the picture zooms out, making this huge and distracting blue border.

    So overall, this update is up and down, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. And I look forward to the next one!

  2. You don’t mind if you have the opportunity to add another scene that involves 2 male characters, or mix genders? That would make it interesting!

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