Crowjob in Space update (22.11.2022)

-Added Wraak

If saves from older version breaks something, make sure to let me know! (What broke/doesn’t work and where + screenshots if possible) The compatibility shouldn’t be (but still might be) as big of an issue.

(Launcher updates prob. tomorrow)

-Fixed Wraak’s selection not working on the gallery. Links updated

23 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space update (22.11.2022)”

  1. Hey, Das! Sorry I was late with this update. I was busy on my end, but I got around to it, and with how short it is, my critique is brief. For the good stuff first:
    – The new sex scene with Wraak is pretty good. I’m not the biggest fan of footjobs, but the way you animated them here was quite good. And of course, the shots of his and Calvin’s asses were tantalizing as always. So overall, a solid scene.

    I did come across some things that seemed out of place, though:
    – The option to replay Scarlett’s and now Wraak’s scenes is still not present.
    – I’m still having trouble with the rat girl not appearing in the bathroom when I talk with her. Is it because I’m using a pre-existing save file, or is it something else?

    So not a lot to say here, but this was still a nice update.

    1. So… I just realized that if you cheese the gallery or start a new game, the scenes for Wraak and Scarlett appear in the gallery. And I also realized that the problem with the rat girl was fixed. I just needed to start a new save.

      Oops. That’s my bad.

      But that does bring me to another thing I saw. For some reason, Calvin moves much slower than he usually does. Is that intentional? I want to be sure about that.

      In any case, sorry for the false critique. The update seems to be as right as rain!

  2. I’m having troubles downloading the windows version. After I’ve loaded all the data the download stays at 0 kb left for several minutes and then it just canceles the download.
    Somethin I can do to fix that?

  3. For some reason after picking up the packages it won’t let me leave the base. It just has me look at the ship and says it’s mine. How do I leave the mothership?

    1. Hey, will you do an update where we can play the old game without Flash ? Or someone know a way to play it because i may be dumb and just don’t know. I really want to play it again

  4. Ok I have a bunch of bugs to report
    – Wraak and Scarlet scenes don’t unlock in the gallery normally
    -Opening the menu when in Gallery window makes the entire game shrink into Gallery window
    -for some reason, it’s possible to make saves in the main menu and Gallery window
    – POV option in Yamadas scene makes the bed disappear when returning to the camera view

  5. I observed a bug with Scarlett’s scene.

    When you normally advance through the scene, it goes Blowjob > 69 > Ride > Standing > Close up > Cum. However, if you reverse from the Ride scene back to the 69 scene, the next scene changes from Ride to Standing. In addition, the 69 scene is not properly stopped, causing two Calvins and two Scarletts to fuck in the same scene (and occupy the same space).

  6. Hi! I downloaded the mac version and when I try to launch it just says “the application CJS can’t be opened”

    What do I do?

    1. You have to give it permissions via the terminal.

      chmod -R +x

      or if you’ve got a newe mac; chmod 755

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