Crowjob in Space update – 7.1.2023

-Sex scene for Xeno #2
-Added Rojo (Resort hangar, break room)
-Fixed a bug in Scarlett’s sex scene (multiple animations simultaneously)
-Added a dialogue option for Scarlett to replay the sex scene
-Fixed Wraak’s / Scarlett’s gallery entries not working properly
-Fixed the blue border issue when loading a save
-Fixed Wraak’s replay sex dialogue option not showing up

-There is a bug that prevents Xeno #2 sex scene from initiating, fix coming in a moment.

Bugs fixed, links updated!
New update is now available through the launcher! If you haven’t gotten the launcher yet, you can download it below.

DOWNLOADS (standalone)

Mac (Instructions on how to give your Mac permissions to run it are included)

Launcher (windows only)