Crowjob in Space update – 7.1.2023

-Sex scene for Xeno #2
-Added Rojo (Resort hangar, break room)
-Fixed a bug in Scarlett’s sex scene (multiple animations simultaneously)
-Added a dialogue option for Scarlett to replay the sex scene
-Fixed Wraak’s / Scarlett’s gallery entries not working properly
-Fixed the blue border issue when loading a save
-Fixed Wraak’s replay sex dialogue option not showing up

-There is a bug that prevents Xeno #2 sex scene from initiating, fix coming in a moment.

Bugs fixed, links updated!
New update is now available through the launcher! If you haven’t gotten the launcher yet, you can download it below.

DOWNLOADS (standalone)

Mac (Instructions on how to give your Mac permissions to run it are included)

Launcher (windows only)

18 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space update – 7.1.2023”

  1. Hi, I tried using the code you gave in terminal to open for Mac, but it doesn’t seem to work, and displays the following:
    chmod: No such file or directory

    Any idea why this is happening?

    1. You have to navigate to the location of the game in terminal first. Lets say you have the on your desktop;

      -Type cd Desktop

      Now you’ve navigated to the Desktop on Terminal. Now type chmod 755

  2. Yo, Das! It took me a while to get to this update since I wasn’t keeping up, but I got around to it, and I have to say. It’s pretty solid! First, the good stuff:
    – The scene with Rojo was OK. I loved the shot of Calvin taking it up the ass in doggy at the end, but overall, I felt it was a bit too quick compared to other scenes in the game. I feel it would’ve worked better as a quickie instead. Still, it wasn’t that bad of a scene at all.
    – The scene with Xeno #2 was a long time coming. With how dainty and sexy she looked, I was expecting her to have one heck of a scene, and I was not disappointed. All the close-up shots of her were so good, with the close-up of her ass being my favorite, obviously. So overall, it was worth the wait. It makes me excited to see how Xeno #5 will turn out. Maybe a scene with the Queen, too, once you went through them all? Just a suggestion.
    – It’s nice that Scarlett got an option to replay her scene from outside the gallery. That’s very nice. Same with Wraak, of course.
    – Speaking of him, he and Scarlett do appear to work in the gallery, which is always nice.
    – I didn’t come across the blue border when loading in a save, so that’s good.
    – I noticed Calvin’s walking speed got a boost, which helped to walk around the scenes more quickly. Good quality-of-life change right there.

    Of course, we gotta go through the issues I came across:
    – I came across an interesting bug where every time I try to replay a scene with the intercom in Calvin’s room, it pops to the last shot of the respective scene. I tried it on Mr. and Mrs. Mellow’s scenes, the beach ladies, and the lifeguard, and every time, this has happened. So it’s not just exclusive to one scene. When I try to replay the scenes outside of Calvin’s room, though, they work as intended.
    – I’m still running into the bug where the background in Yamada’s scene changes and gets screwy when going from the Calvin POV back to the first shot of Yamada getting penetrated.

    So overall, a very solid update, man! And I look forward to the next one as always!

  3. After asking to fuck with the rat girl in resort and going in other room except bathroom then coming back we can see that the girl is here but cannot be interacted with(becomes a ghost)

  4. I cant get past the first scene for some reason, I do the “Start Fresh” and it puts me in the hangar where I have to deliver the package, it says to deliver them to Mr. Mellow in his private resort, but I can leave the mothership hangar. Ive picked up the packages and talked to the boss, but other than that the only things I can interact with in there is the ship which just states that its my ship but doesnt do anything, the boss which has one scene, and the bosses room which is locked. I cant interact with anything else and even after doing the scene with the boss nothing allows me to be able to continue on and even do anything else, Please help.

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