Crowjob in Space – 17.2.2023

-Added sex scene for Xeno #5
-Added quickie for Toucan
-Fixed some issues that resulted some animations getting stuck
-Reverted interaction menu back to the original


Launcher version update is out.
Launcher (if you don’t yet have it)

19 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 17.2.2023”

    1. When was the last time you ran the launcher? If it’s too out of date it usually does that. The work around is to delete ‘Game’ folder and start the launcher again

    1. There may be a bug where it shows that it downloads over 100%, but is actually “repairing” the game files because it hasn’t been updated in a while. It’s a difficult issue to pinpoint, so if you have any additional details let me know

  1. I was finally able to play the update after the launcher got fixed, and I have to say. It’s pretty solid! First, the good stuff:
    – First off, it seems the launcher is back to normal now. It was able to download the current update much faster than it did before with no issues.
    – The sex scene with Xeno #5 was really good. Seeing Calvin in all those positions while the Xeno fucked him at a sensual pace was so hot. And of course, more of Cal’s ass is always a good thing. So with all the Xenos having their scenes now, I look forward to what’s next!
    – The quickie with the toucan was pretty good. Public sex is always hot, and the toucan himself was a hunky stud. And him asking Calvin if they can share a room makes me wonder if they’ll get a whole scene later down the road. I know that’s optimistic speculation, but I’d be down for that.
    – As much as I do like scrolling through options, I am glad the interaction menu is back to the original. It felt more convenient for me. And I did like some of the new flavor text you added for when Calvin is looking at someone. Cute touch there.
    -I didn’t see any animations get stuck, so that’s always good.

    I did run into a few hiccups, though:
    – I noticed that Raiyana’s flavor text says ‘He’s in a hurry.’
    – Same issue with Yamada’s scene from before. I know I keep bringing it up, but I thought I’d let you know.
    – When I was doing the Xenos’ scenes, I noticed that one of the penetration sound effects played for a brief second before the scene even begins. When I tried doing their sets again, though, the scene doesn’t do that.
    – The blue screen is back! And it came when I went into the gallery, started a scene, returned to the gallery, and returned to the main game. It happened in the room Calvin spawns in after doing one of the Xenos’ scenes.

  2. same issue as another commenter, the toucan works no problem (and is amazing btw), but Xeno #5 has no interact prompt, i click him and just get the eyes but no speech bubble like the others.

    Is there perhaps something we need to have done earlier to unlock him or something?

  3. So I noticed, when attempting to “cheese it”, aka unlock the full gallery right off the bat, thats all it does. And while thats great and all, Calvin does say that you’ve saved him from “all the tedious walking”. But thats only true if you are intending to use the gallery for the sex scenes. If you go to, say, the station motel, you can’t. Because you need a motel pass.

    1. Yeah, I’m aware of this. It’s basically a placeholder system for now, I don’t feel like it’s a high priority at this time

  4. OK, so this is a rather esoteric bug with the launcher, and you may not even want to fix it, but I determined that the CJIS launcher breaks if the Hyper-V feature is enabled in Windows. In this circumstance, opening launcher.exe results in the error “process FAILED! Network is not available or connectivity is low/weak… Check your connection!”

    I suspect this is because when you enable Hyper-V, Windows creates virtual Hyper-V switches and uses the virtual switches for internet access. After I disabled the Hyper-V feature, the launcher started working.

    To be clear, this is a pretty niche case and it’s unlikely most users will ever try to play a porn game on a Hyper-V server, but it’s not unheard of (I enabled it back when I was in college for my IT degree because I used my personal PC to run server 2016 VMs to do homework).

  5. Is there any chance to make a mobile version? It is easier to play anywhere rather than just playing on a laptop

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