Crowjob in Space update (20.4.2023)

-New character; Boss’ niece + sex scene
-New location; Tribelands (wip, not accessible besides landing zone)
-Dilla “Darling” Harmriutt playable in Tribelands

More content on the new location in next update.

In the future, Darling / Calvin will be followers and unlock new scenes with other characters, but thats not anytime soon.

I apologize for the small content update. Majority of the new NPC’s are still a work in progress and I wanted to put out something at least.

Mac (remember to read the ReadMe file)
Launcher update available later tonight

As usual, let me know in the comments if/when something breaks and I’ll get em fixed.
Note: If you’re a first time commenter / you’ve commented a long time ago in the past, your comment requires a manual validation before it shows up! They’ll come through, there was a bot problem in the past so I’ve got to result into this.

23 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space update (20.4.2023)”

  1. The new niece sex scene is the best one yet, and not just because Darling gets a turn. The first-time reluctance and dubcon aspect are *very* good.

  2. Well I did found a bug and it’s about when I try to load a save file dilla aka darling is invisible so I was hoping if you can fix it.

  3. It’s great to see Darling again, but how do I get to the Tribelands and the Boss’ niece? I can only find locations on the map for the company mothership, resort and station III, and I don’t see any way from the resort to the tribelands if that’s where it is?

    1. Also, the mothership seems a bit buggy; Darling sometimes appears, sometimes doesn’t, and sometimes when I return Calvin is a little spaceship talking about skipping the walking (as when selecting “Cheese It”) and I can’t talk to the boss.

  4. Hey, Das! I got around to playing this update, and it’s pretty solid! Though I did find a lot of bugs in it, I’ll get to that in a bit. For now, the good stuff as usual:
    – I like the new map screen for when you’re going to places. It looks more natural having the planet the resort takes place in right in the middle while having the tribelands on the corner of the screen.
    – The new sex scene with the niece was pretty good. It’s nice to see Calvin and Darling fuck her back to back like that, and I like how Darling goes for her pussy while Calvin goes for her ass. And the dialogue between themselves and the niece is cute. I only wished there was some double penetration in the pussy or ass, but what we got here is nice enough as is. So yeah, very nice scene and nice to see a new character.
    – The tribelands are looking pretty promising, and I look forward to what you have in store in this place. I pray there are more up-close ass shots.
    – It’s nice to play as Darling for the first time. And while she’s only playable in the tribelands, I can imagine how things will go when you play like her in other places. The possibilities are endless!

    Of course, I came across some snags, and unfortunately, I came across a lot of them this time around:
    – Calvin’s foot is overlapping Mr. Mellow’s desk when he goes to retrieve the maintenance access/all access keycard.
    – Calvin is clipping a bit in places on the table Vendetta is located on when interacting with her.
    – Raiyana’s flavor text reads “He’s in a hurry.” when Raiyana is a woman.
    – You kept Raiyana’s name to Reiyana Vekod when you go to talk to her.
    – Raiyana doesn’t appear on the beach after you have the sex scene with her, but you can highlight where she was, and she appears when you go talk to her and then back out.
    – I noticed some flickering on the wasp’s pussy during the scene with her and the alligator.
    – This is more of a nitpick than anything, but in Mr. Mallow’s scene, Calvin’s butt looks a bit off when he’s riding Mr. Mallow at the end of the bottom scene. It’s like his butt and Mr. Mallow’s leg are two different layers.
    – It’s not a big deal in the long run, but I always found it weird how Zerva von Zadok’s scene and all the dialogue while talking to him before are the only instances in the game where the dialogue uses quotation marks (“Something like this.”). It feels a bit awkward since every other scene in the game doesn’t use them. And come to think of it, I found one of those quotation marks in Dr. Crinaia’s scene, too.
    – When starting a second new game after starting a first, I noticed Calvin’s walking speed changes. In the first new game, he’s fast, and in the second new game, he’s slow.
    – After I return to the Company Mothership after completing the first job, I’m able to interact with Darling way too soon before coming back from Station III. Plus, she doesn’t appear on-screen.
    – Same problem with Yamada and the background in his scene from going back and forth from Calvin’s POV.
    – When I saved in the spaceship and loaded in, Calvin was floating up off the ground. It was only when I exited the ship and back in that he fixed himself.
    – In the sex scene with the niece, there’s a point where Darling is named ‘DarlingTurn1’.

    So yeah. I came across a lot of bugs this time around. But that doesn’t deter from this update and the potential there is later down the road. I’m excited about the future, man! So keep up the great work as always!

  5. hey
    i have a small issue with the laucher…
    its not downloading the game, just stays at 0B/s and I dont have any idea how to fix it (re-downloading the launcher doesnt work)
    is there anything i can do??

  6. yo bro the chuck’s bar is glitched please fix it i cant get to doozie charge cuz theres like a table blocking my way through it

  7. Ok not sure if I need to make a new save to fix these bugs but

    ` Sex scenes don’t want to reset to the beginning after being played again (both in the gallery and through dialogue) this bug is like 2 updates old now
    -map bugs out after this update, with resort taking up the center of the map and 2nd planet not even being visible
    -Darling being invisible until I go in and out of the gallery

  8. Two Questions:
    Will the bird mechanic who always had the boner return?

    Also will Ren the Dog return as well?

  9. Just curious was there ever an anal scene added for the cute guy in the bathroom? I think I’ve tried the most recent and not seen anything new there but I thought maybe there’s a hidden secret way to access im missing. Never hurts to ask 🙂

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