Small content update

-2x interactable NPC’s in Tribelands
-Fixed an error with the excecutable (launcher only, comes tomorrow)

-Tribelands quest still unavailable

DOWNLOADS (launcher updates tomorrow)

I am working to get a proper host for the launcher’s game files from Google or Amazon to get the updater run faster. For the time being however, have to resort to this barebones filehost.

UPDATE 29.7.
Mac download link has been updated. Something wrong with Mediafire, they didn’t let me download it either. Uploaded it to Mega.
Forgot to remove the launcher component from the Mac build. Should work fine now.

Crowjob in Space – update 3.7.2023

-Extension to tribelands (still WIP; no music / audio)
-Tribelands landing zone guard interactable
-Tribelands quest still unavailable (IRL job kicked my ass last month, sorry 🙁 )
New update coming soon after this with more s*x and content for the tribelands, including the missing audios.

DOWNLOADS (Launcher updating tomorrow)

Launcher is up to date, grab it from here if you don’t own it yet.