Small content update

-2x interactable NPC’s in Tribelands
-Fixed an error with the excecutable (launcher only, comes tomorrow)

-Tribelands quest still unavailable

DOWNLOADS (launcher updates tomorrow)

I am working to get a proper host for the launcher’s game files from Google or Amazon to get the updater run faster. For the time being however, have to resort to this barebones filehost.

UPDATE 29.7.
Mac download link has been updated. Something wrong with Mediafire, they didn’t let me download it either. Uploaded it to Mega.
Forgot to remove the launcher component from the Mac build. Should work fine now.

27 thoughts on “Small content update”

  1. I found a bug and it’s about when try to finish the small green guy quest and I can’t move the character can you fix it.

  2. So we finally get some dino tribal characters and we wont even have any MxF scenes with Calvin. Absloutely dissapointing

      1. Sadly still seems to be something wrong with the Mac version; even though the app is 2.6gb, so should be the entire game, it opens into the launcher and says “Update process failed!” and won’t let me play the game.

        I appreciate the effort you must have put into trying to get the launcher to work, but I prefer to just download the whole game and not bother with anything extra that can go wrong.

        1. Oh shit, I know what the problem is. It’s got a launcher component I forgot to take off for the standalone, I’ll upload the right one today!

  3. Whenever I try to use the launcher, I always get a “servers not responding” error and I’ve never been able to find a fix. What do I do?

      1. Yes, and I get the same error. “Our servers are not responding. Wait some minutes and retry!”
        Sorry for the late reply!

  4. Hey, Das! Sorry for the wait! I was on vacation and busy with other stuff while this update and the previous one were online! But I’m here now, and while I don’t have much to say this time, I can say that this is looking good so far.

    The scene with the guard at the village entrance was pretty good. The shots of Darling’s ass are lovely, and the banter between them was pretty good. The same goes for the quickies with the Duska and the cool guy, though the latter didn’t have many shots of her ass. I was not complaining, though. It was still hot, and I’d love to see Darling fully nude soon.

    I did have a few gripes, though. First, the quickie with Duska has a quirk where when transitioning to the fucking, Darling will be idle and not thrust into Duska. She’ll only do it after enough dialogue is said. Also, speaking of Darling, I feel her walk speed is way too slow. You should speed it up a bit to allow her to move around the tribelands more freely.

    Other than that, this was a solid update (or two), man! I can’t wait to see more!

  5. I tried downloading the game but I don’t understand how to launch it I’m not great with pc stuff can anybody explain to how to do it?

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