Crowjob in Space – 12.12.2023

New scenes:
* IT-guy (Tribelands)
* Darling (Tribelands “cinematic”)
* Chuckwuemeka (Station iii; Chucks Bar)

* Fixed the bugged Tribelands entrance


Some of the older errors and bugs might still exist, I’ll go through them for the next update. Let me know whats wrong and I’ll fix em up.
Savegames are still so-so, I’ve focused more on bringing in new content but I’ll look into it in the near future!

A small error on my part prevents Chuck’s quest related dialogue option from showing up. I’m making a fix to it as we speak and should be up in a couple of hous

Links updated with a newer version

32 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 12.12.2023”

    1. i would like to know this two, i have proved everything and i don’t know how to access to this animation in “Start Fresh”

      1. I’ve enjoyed this series since you first worked on it years ago It would be great if you could expand the series a bit more like build some more locations on the Earth. There’s that other planet that has to be discovered, and maybe you could add in like some orgy scenes possibly some more Futa gay scenes would be excellent. What about also adding some like kink elements as well for some of the characters or future ones there’s a lot more to build on even Calvin could get like pegged by a strap on

  1. When uncompressed, these seem to take up 29.4GB of space. The last release was about 3.35GB. Is it supposed to be this big?

    1. You’re absolutely right, I’ve accidentally ticked a development build option during the export, and it didn’t compress the sprites and animations at all. Good news is it works as it should, bad news is it takes a whopping 30gb on your computer 😀 I’ll replace the links with compressed builds today. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I’ve been a real fan of crow job in space since it was first released and I’ve been playing it every single time it’s updated. I really like how the current one you’re working on seems a lot more modern than the other ones there’s a very wide selection of characters to choose especially a lot of NPC‘s which I’m sure eventually will get updates, there are a few bugs, but I haven’t noticed that many

  3. Hello, I got a question, are there more scenes with this mechanic that Vendetta Valentine have? During her reverse amazon position if you wait some time she cums and was wondering if others have this too. Also she is my favorite, her blushing and different exotic positions + the fact that she cums is amazing, cheers.

  4. Great update, love this game!

    Couple of minor bugs I noticed:

    – When Darling is fucking the IT guy, going back from the last scene (with the Finish button) doesn’t work properly (previous scene plays over the top of the last)
    – When Calvin’s fucking Darling in POV, he says “seizes” instead of “ceases” for “never ceases to amaze”

    1. Oh, I forgot to add but while I really like the Chuckwuemeka scenes, I had some comments:

      – I know Calvin’s reluctant to do it to get the password but it’s a little weird when he’s never seemed reluctant before! It’d be nice if it were possible to have him enjoy it instead, either some different dialogue options before (and a few drinks?).
      – Another way could be to add the option to return and repeat the scene, with Calvin admitting he actually enjoyed it?
      – It would be fantastic if during an enjoyable variation of the scene Chuck could use that long neck of his to be kissing Calvin during the second stage (view from the side).

  5. Hey, Das! It’s good to see you again after so long, man. I just finished playing the update, and I have to say. It’s pretty good! First, I wanna get the good stuff out of the way as usual:
    – The sex scene with the IT guy was really good. I loved all the shots of Darling’s butt, especially the POV and the sideways shots. Those were nice. If Calvin were to get a scene with the IT guy, I hope there are shots of his butt, too.
    – I have to say, I liked the new cutscene with Darling. It was a welcome change, and it gave the game a cinematic vibe not seen before. I would love to see more of these in the future if possible. On that note…
    – The sex scene with Calvin and Darling was great. It was never a matter of if these two would fuck — only when. And I have the say, the wait was worth it. Seeing these two do it was awesome, and so was finally seeing Darling completely nude. The titjob and the POV of her ass were very nice, too. So overall, I hope to see more of them since my only nitpick was that it felt… rushed. I dunno, the vibe felt like it. Maybe it was what Darling said at the end. Still, that’s more a nitpick than anything. It’s a great scene all the same. And the option to not do it if you don’t want to was nice, too, in case you wanna get a move on.
    – The new scene with Chuck was good, too. All the undershots and the behind shots before them were very nice. Love seeing some thick man ass, especially when one of them is getting dicked. Poor Calvin, though… He didn’t want any part of that. Sure, he got to dick down Darling, but at what cost? Here’s hoping the man can get Chuck back sometime — or at least, fuck a giraffe himself later down the road. Either way, it’s a decent scene here, man, and the option to not have to do it if you don’t want to is nice, too.
    – I didn’t run into any game-breaking bugs this time around, so good job there!

    Of course, there are some things I found that are less than ideal:
    – Darling appears on the ship when you enter it before you meet her normally. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I thought it was worth bringing up.
    – Yamada’s sex scene still has the visual bug where if you switch between Calvin’s POV back to the first penetration scene, the background for Calvin’s POV remains there.
    – When trying to enter the restroom in Chuck’s bar, it doesn’t allow you to. I don’t know why you would unless there’s a quickie in there for you to do, but hey. I thought it was good to bring up.
    – I find it weird that in the Tribelands, no music plays, but once you enter the IT hut, the normal music plays but only up to the entrance, where it gets reset to silence again.

    Overall, solid update, man! I’m loving this game more and more, and I look forward to what you have in store next!

  6. Hi Das,
    I have an odd question for you, a question that relates to your Unity development environment. I am using an open source tool to look at game files during gameplay. I don’t mean any harm to redistribute this elsewhere. Im only using this personally. I am curious to know where are the characters’ dialogue texts are stored exactly?

  7. Download is bjorked
    Trying to unzip prompts a screen saying the files are corrupted. Tried a few times, nothing worked.

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