Crowjob in Space – 15.3.2024

-New scenes;

-Fixed PoV animation in IT-guy’s scene
-Fixed an issue with a wrong background in Yamada’s scene
-Fixed an error that prevented access to the bathroom at Chucks bar
-Fixed a typo on Darling’s & Calvin’s scene
-Fixed an issue where Darling would show up in the mothership too early

-DJ doesn’t have dialogue yet. I will include them as soon as I get them!
-Calvin’s “peek cinematic” doesn’t play when peeking over the counter at Chuck’s bar
-Tribelands still has no music & regular exploration music plays after talking to the IT guy
-Theres a rogue hotspot at Chuck’s bar
I’ll get these fixed on monday, gonna need a little break this weekend

-Fixed a weird duplication bug at the end of Dolce’s scene
-Removed a rogue hotspot from Chucks bar
-Removed the wrong music from IT guy’s hut
-Fixed an error that caused Calvin’s peek cinematic to not play
-Fixed an error that caused Calvin to be invisible after DJ’s scene
-Fixed an error that caused animations to overlap in IT-guys scene
-Fixed another typo on Calvin’s & Darling’s scene

Downloads (updated 18.3.)

33 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 15.3.2024”

      1. i am new to downloading games outside of steam so if it is stupid question or there’s something i do not understand please be nice.
        i have a steam deck and it is linux based i can install the files and view them i just do not know what to do from there. for most non steam games if there is a .exe file i can run it but when i download it i get a .zip. i extract it and there is no exe file i am lost i know i am missing something i just do not know what. help

        1. Linux cannot (natively) run .exe files. You’ll need to download the Linux build and double click on the *Crowjob in Space* file. It’s probably a .bin or something.

  1. Hey, Das! I just finished playing this update, man, and I noticed a bunch of stuff added here! I have to say, a lot of it was great! So let’s get into it. The good stuff first, as usual:
    – The first thing I found when playing through this new update was the names of the places you traveled to. I thought this was a cute touch, and they’re stylized well. However, I feel there could be one for the company mothership, too. But hey, this was a nice addition.
    – I noticed that Calvin moves much faster than he did before, and I believe this was a much-needed improvement. Now, I’m able to get to places and get through the game much quicker with this speed. I feel he is a tiny bit too fast, but so far, we’re in the right direction here.
    – Dolce’s sex scene was pretty good. After so long with Dr. Crinaia being the only mature character with one, it was refreshing to finally get another one here. And I loved how thick you made them. However, I feel the scene was a bit too short. It’s just missionary and nothing else. It’s a crime they’re that thick, and we don’t get a proper view of their ass. At least the dialogue was cute, and the added scene of them hugging Calvin before the orgasm was nice. So overall, a decent scene.
    – DJ’s scene, on the other hand? Now that was my jam. I LOVED it, every little bit of it. The emphasis on booty in this scene was spectacular, from the doggy to the squat. And the riding at the end emphasizing his belly was a nice finish. I didn’t even care if the scene didn’t have dialogue yet. I enjoyed it all the same, and it may be one of my new favorites. Easily top 5. More butt stuff, please! What can I say? You do ass really well, heh.
    – I could enter the bathroom in Chuck’s bar with no issue. So good fix there!
    – I’m glad to see that the background bug with Yamada’s scene finally got addressed. It always bugged me when doing his scene, despite how much of a non-issue it was. Now, I’m able to enjoy his scene from start to finish with no troubles. So thanks for that, man.
    – Darling doesn’t appear in the mothership too early. So that’s a good fix there.
    – I don’t know if this was added in a previous update or this one, but I do like that when we cheese it now, it sends you straight to the gallery. Gets to the good stuff right away. I like that. And when you hit ‘Return’, you get sent back to the main menu. So that was a nice addition.

    Of course, I did run into some bugs as usual, too. And here’s the ones I found:
    – This may have been because I’m using an old save, but Dolce’s scene had a weird and wild bug at the end where they and Calvin are duplicated in front of a blue void. EDIT: Nope, even when I cheesed it and went straight to the gallery, it still gave me this bug.
    – After DJ’s scene, Calvin doesn’t appear on screen at all until I exit the room.
    – There’s still a typo in Calvin and Darling’s scene. When Calvin says ‘Your butt never ceases to amaze’, he says ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’.

    Overall, you made a lot of great changes and additions here, man, and I’m all for them! I look forward to seeing you add more in the future! 🙂

  2. I swear, i’ve been going through all of station3 (first level cause nbo clue how to get the elevator card) and i can not find this contract for delivery2… any tips?

  3. Thanks for fixing the IT guy POV, but the scene still seems to mess up at the end after finishing (I see the bent over side view from earlier playing at the same time).

    Also seems to be a similar issue at the end of Dolce’s scene with two different angles of Dolce and Calvin finished showing at the same time.

    Lastly for DJ is there no dialogue/text? It just jumped straight into the scene – not complaining as it’s a very nice scene, but it’s quick work even by Calvin’s standards.

    Great work as always though!

    1. Forgot to clarify, but the IT guy issue is when repeating the scene in-world, the gallery seems to work just fine.

  4. As someone like chunky guys, I really like this update.
    And those animations get more smoother each update, I’ve been following your work since your old crowjob(the one which has Xeno in toilet or very small space), your dedication to Crowjob in space is what impress me most.
    I don’t really know what to say, but thank you for creating those art & animations, and take care of yourself.

  5. Hey, Das! I was playing for a bit to enjoy the sexy stuff, and I stumbled across a weird bug — or rather a ton because Taina’s scene is broken.

    For starters, when I started Taina’s scene, it skipped completely to the end scene after the orgasm. When I transitioned to the riding portion and went back, only then did I get the blowjob portion. But then when I tried to return to the riding portion, it skipped the dialogue she gives before she rides Calvin.

    It’s strange, man, and it’s a shame because I love Taina’s scene. But these bugs make it a bit awkward to go through.

    EDIT: It turns out when I cheese it, her scene works as intended, so I guess it’s that old save functionality kicking in. But I thought it was still worth bringing up.

    1. Could it be possible to send me that save file? I’d like to see if I can figure out to fix that save game issue finally

  6. Small question, why is Launcher actively refuse to update from previous version to this one ? like i open launcher ant it just launches the game, not detecting any updates

    1. Actually it has been like since 12.12.2023 update that it refuses to update game and just launches the previous version

  7. Hi mal ne frage ich hab mir das spiel vorhin rutnergeladen und die gallery unlocked gemacht in und bemerkt man kann nicht wenn du on einer scene bist die animation wechseln ist das vielleicht ein Bug oder muss man ne Taste auf der Tastatur drücken
    Bitte beheben Sie das danke schönen tag noch

  8. Calvin seems way less bi in these newer versions. in most scenes, it’s like he doesn’t want the sex with guys. Or at the least, to not bottom.

  9. I decided to try out the new updates after a very long time but for some reason mega isnt loading files i wanted to download the launcher so is there any other way i can download the launcher?

  10. So can u please only put in on media fire or something or give it on discord? i really used to like this game and was missing it alot

  11. I think I’m one of the most talented people in this genre, I check every week to see if there’s an update. I got acquainted with all your work and return to it very often. I wish you all the best and more strength in your work.

  12. I think you’re one of the most talented people in this genre, I check every week to see if there’s an update. I got acquainted with all your work and return to it very often. I wish you all the best and more strength in your work.

  13. its stuck on the menu screen and none of the buttons are working, ive tried deleting and reinstalling the winrar files yet it still wont work.

  14. i dont know if this is just me but none of the buttons are working, a and d arent doing anything, and its not even playing the menu music, i tried deleting and reinstalling but that didnt do anything. any way i can fix this?

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