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Crowjob in Space – 4.4.2022

-Removed the requirement for a keycard to access hangar in resort
-Gave Calvin the ability to run (double click)
-Changed the way interactions work (right click -> cycle available interactions on characters/objects)
-Added new navigations for sex scenes (bottom right corner)
-The A-key opens the inventory above the screen

Calvin may get stuck here and there with the running due to the change to the pathfinding. Just have to fix those as they come up.

Worked out a new launcher, requires a fresh download of the full game.

Windows (launcher)
Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

Crowjob in Space – 14.3.2022

-Fixed Raiyna’s & Xeno #3’s gallery selection not working
-Fixed a bug that had Calvin stand in the air
-Fixed a bug that caused all the quickies play simultaneously in the Station 3 cafe/diner
-Added Xeno #6 sex scene
-Added an option to unlock the full gallery (‘New Game’ selection opens a small dialogue menu)

Working on the launcher issues, so here are just the standalone downloads.

Windows (standalone)
Linux (standalone)
Mac (standalone)

Crowjob in Space 27.2.2022


-Gallery mode (load a savegame, go to pause menu, select ‘GALLERY’ to access the scenes you’ve unlocked during the playthrough. *Does not work on old savegames made prior to this update*)
-Fixed elevator bug in resort floor 3
-Fixed multiple camera issues in various places
-Xeno #1 scene added
-Changed resort’s starting point to hangar

Crowjob in Space launcher should automatically download this update. If you don’t have it grab it below!

Windows (launcher)
Windows (standalone)
Mac (standalone)
Linux (standalone)

Crowjob in Space – 5.9.2021


-Iggy quest (begins after the acquisition of the skeleton key)
*Gina sex scene
*Iggies boning
-Elevator repair crew ‘quickie’

No access to the mystery room behind the iggies yet (i was supposed to finish this for this update but didn’t have the time :c )


As usual, if something funky happens let me know, and I’ll have it fixed ASAP.

Crowjob in Space 7.2.

-fixed Fiji’s nametag
-changed Fiji’s dialogue
-Fixed a bug that allowed entrance to Station III lobby while the lazer gate was closed
-fixed a bug where the lazer gate remained closed after banging Taina
-fixed a bug where Calvin would appear on the far side of Station III hangar when returning from lobby
-fixed a bug that prevented engaging with Vendetta for the second time (or more ;V)


Windows 421.1mb
Mac 1.1gb
Linux 421.5mb

! Requires 7zip to extract ! =>