Crowjob in Space update

  • New NPC interaction, Devon (as Darling)
  • New Valerie animations (as Calvin, go to Robin, click on the screen -> File 2 from top left corner)

Check it out

14 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space update”

  1. Awesome, thank you for the good job 😀

    Just a note for your next update: after a quick test I found the only thing with a little bug is the doggy girl inside the bathroom, in Darling’s story. The arrow buttons are a bit offscreen, and there’s no big EXIT button when you finish it (luckily we have the X button).

    Plus, it would be awesome to add a function to close the Pause menu without doing anything (or I missed it?)

    Thanks and keep up with the job 🙂

  2. Two months.. for that… For an update that was less content than your last update that only took a month. Mmm… Well I know who’s patreon i’m unsubbing from.

  3. Hey Das, what if you make a scene about Milan x Devon? Because i take a recout of scenes and Milan only have 7, indeed Calvin 15 and Darling 17 (i count the scenes like the cameras or the brothel like scenes too) soooo why not? i think it be kinda funny ;D

  4. Can you please add some varietu is sex positions? I really love your work but i see the same suck then back positions in almost every scene.

    More futanari cock frottage (like the shark and lizard scene) would be welcome! Keep up the god work!

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