11 thoughts on “CJIS gallery, new page”

  1. bugreport: page 4 bathroom blowjob between calvin and the otter. Calvin uses his tongue only, judging by the otter’s facial expression but lack of movement.

      1. Bugreport: Page 4 Darling and calvin bar scene, it is impossible to exit scene after cumshot,
        Bugreport: Page 4 : Calvin and Robin: It is possible to get the calvin and otter scene working by clicking X (close button) right after you start talking to robin. The X will bug the game if pressed after scene change (or at later points) and end up in black screen
        Bugreport: Page 4 calvin and Raven: The choice at the cumshot scene offers in or out, however both link to the “out” cumshot

        Keep up the good work Das, I’ll keep an eye out for any other bugs.

        1. Bugreport: Page 4 Darling and calvin bar scene: The scene where cumshot is supposed to take place, is the only one where exit is impossible, the “back” button also doesn’t work on this scene, other scenes in Darling and Calvin Bar scene seem to work just fine

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