Crowjob in Space – 5.6.2021

-Doozie sex scene
-Horse quickie (after fucking everyone in the diner)
-Motel in station, nothing there yet

Windows (Requires 7Zip or WinRAR to extract!)

!Old savegame will break the game at some point!

21 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 5.6.2021”

  1. Idk if this is a glitch but I cant get the Doozie scene. I played through the game, got a motel pass for Station 3 and still cant get it.

      1. I think there is a bug. First I ask the boss and he gave me the motel key and I go to Station 3 and ask permission to enter the gate. Later I load the same as the previous save point, I ask the boss and nothing happened. I went to Station 3 and the gate already open.

  2. I compressed the file and it opens to the title screen but I can’t click on new game my mouse doesn’t convert to the little dot like before

  3. What is the chronological order? i did the,m as each one arose and the scene was still broken. the quests are just the delivery jobs right?

  4. There is no one but Fiji inside the bar, is there something more I have to do? I’ve done all the quests and fucked pretty much everyone.

      1. Turns out I was just stupid and didn’t know how to extract on a new laptop. My bad, works great and looking forward to future updates.

  5. I’m running into an issue when installing the game.
    I used the link for windows, downloaded it, and extracted it with WinRAR but when I try to start it says ‘failed to load mono’
    I think I might be missing something but I don’t know what it is if I am.

  6. Sorry it took me so long to get an opinion out. I didn’t see that you posted an update until yesterday. So that’s my bad.

    Anyways, I played the update, and here’s my feedback first:
    – The new Cameos page is nice. I do like that I can find the characters that appear in this game on people’s FA pages. (And lowkey, I wish I could have one of my characters appear in this game someday.)
    – I didn’t notice this until now, but it’s great that the elevator goes to all four floors instead of making it go up to the 2nd floor and stop at Mr. Mallow’s floor. That’s nice and convenient.
    – The new quickie with the horse at the diner was nice. Gotta love a good cock sucking on a horse dick along with Calvin and his thick butt riding it.
    – The new scene with Doozie is nice. I love all the poses that she and Calvin took, like the pussy sucking, riding, and taking her from behind. Plus, the double climax inside of her pussy was unique. So yeah, a very nice sex scene.

    And here are my other feedback and issues:
    – Just a small nitpick, but after the Janitor’s sex scene, I feel that it would make more sense to acquire the key card after his dialogue instead of before it. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s something I noticed.
    – There is still no option to replay Ishi’s second sex scene where he is sucking off Calvin underneath the bar. I find it odd how everybody else’s sex scenes are replayable, but that’s the only exception.
    – No option for Vendetta to be called in the intercom is seen. Since she is one of the characters that gets fucked by Calvin in his room, this should make things easier. Zerva Von Zadok has an option on the intercom, so why not Vendetta?
    – I noticed a few graphical glitches on Rekodo Vekod’s sex scene, particularly the moment where Rekodo cums inside of Calvin’s hole.

    So yeah, a solid update, man. You’re doing great as always! And I look forward to the next update.

    (P.S. Calvin’s got such a nice, thick ass, and it makes me want to plow him. In a future update, perhaps? Who can say?~)

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