Crowjob in Space – 30.3.2020 (LINKS UPDATED)

  • New sex scene for the boss at the mothership (after 1st delivery)
  • Null quest (after 1st delivery)
  • Null sex scenes
  • Calvin’s ship interior (accessible from the overworld map)
  • Fixed mixed doors on the basement
  • Fixed flickering animations (let me know if this occurs again)


Windows (64)

Windows (32)



Upcoming updates

  • Station III (probably just the beginning)
  • Call in Mr.Mellow / Mrs. Mellow to Calvin’s room in the resort
  • New walk cycle for Calvin + run cycle
  • Dialogue box tweaks

Crowjob in Space – 19.1.2020


Windows 64bit:!rEgUXaIL!rDbgdyOk…..jsMXbWkJkIesoc
Windows 32bit:!eVoECaLI!MJhBZL4Y…..Ypzc7mKdUdzT2w


*Fixed a layering issue
*Added additional interactions with some background NPC’s

Due to the high amount of people downloading from Google Drive (where I uploaded the game first) the bandwith has exceeded. Thus I’ll be providing Mega links. If you have issues with the download links, copy/paste the link to your browser, or try another browser. If it is something else let me know.

Crowjob in Space – 19.1.2020


Mac [730MB]
Windows (64-bit) [737MB]
Linux (coming soon)


-Fixed a bug that prevented a dialogue option to show up if the bartender was sexed before talking to the ‘beach ladies’.
-Added sounds to the ‘beach ladies’s’ animations
-Fixed an error where bartender’s underside view didn’t show up
-Added a new interactive NPC (Dr.Crinaia)
-Added more NPC’s
-Removed PDA


-Old savegames may break the gameplay.
-Small layering issue, hotfix coming tomorrow.

Crowjob in Space status update

I’m currently wrapping up the resort location, working on the last interactive scene and the background crowds to bring things to life a bit. This will take a little longer so most likely no new public update this month, with christmas and new years on the way.

Hang in there!

Crowjob in Space Google drive link fixed.

It seems that the Google Drive download link to Crowjob in Space has been wrong, and didn’t allow anyone through. I’ve updated the link now so it shold work as it should!

Give it a go: (its the same link as here though, which has been working the whole time:

New update is around the corner too.