I began working as a trainee in this local bowling alley. It’s an evening job, meaning I go in around day and come back home around late evening or night. This haven’t left me much freetime to work on things, besides quick loops and crap. The job itself is absolutely a nightmare; they need someone with customer service education or something, I’m a computer guy. Me + live people don’t mix. I’m going to leave this position as soon as the traineeship ends on 18th next month (14-more work days @_@)

CROWJOB! I’ve finished a few animations, so it’s not all bad. I got about four more to go before I can put it out, so it’ll be out probably sometime this week. No promises though.

It’s a shark guy boning Milan, I don’t remember if I already mentioned that somewhere.

Another update out

New Crowjob update has been posted. Granted, not that much but I got something of my own coming up. More straight content, new NPC just for Milan + access to the rest of the area. Sketching up the candidates and putting them up for a vote.  Too tired to make words, gotta end short.

Crowjobs here