Crowjob in Space – update 3.7.2023

-Extension to tribelands (still WIP; no music / audio)
-Tribelands landing zone guard interactable
-Tribelands quest still unavailable (IRL job kicked my ass last month, sorry ๐Ÿ™ )
New update coming soon after this with more s*x and content for the tribelands, including the missing audios.

DOWNLOADS (Launcher updating tomorrow)

Launcher is up to date, grab it from here if you don’t own it yet.

20 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – update 3.7.2023”

  1. Im so sorry to hear about your job situation. Anyone who really appreciates your work here will understand and support you. Take the time you need. And thanks for giving us more updates ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Found a bug: after going to temple zone, talking to guard and leaving the tribelands can’t access the tribelands

  3. Hey, man! I wanted to come by and say that I’m sorry to hear about your job kicking your ass. Here’s hoping the next update will be better than this one. Though for some reason, after I updated it with the launcher, it gave me an error saying, ‘Failed to initialize player’. Did I get an outdated launcher, or is something else up? I’m not sure.

  4. Failed to initialize player i cant seem to play after the update, also where can i play the other version, like the shark girl and fox?

    1. Something went wrong with that build, I’ll have to compile it again. I believe the old versions are available in E621

  5. Awesome! I’m glad you still work on this, your art and animations look great. You can see a huge improvement from your last games to the current one. also glad to see my fav Darling is back . Hope your work life gets a bit easier and I appreciate all the effort you have put in!

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll do my best, got two new animation sets done over the weekend, just need to put them in the game

  6. Dear dev, have you ever considered on going out to release your game on Steam?

    I’ll gladly purchase a copy for sure and folks who were watching the game develelopment over the years would’ve get one as well. Besides there’s plenty of NSFW games out there recently.

      1. How is that not good enough. I’ve played games that weren’t as well made as this one on Steam. This is nonsense.

  7. No offence but that is bollocks, there’s loads upon loads of half-baked crap players pay for to play in years and then threir devs saying “lol sorry change of plans not working on it anymore please don’t ask the refund i’ve got eight kids to feed”.

    How’s your game you’re so passionately working for is not deserved to get into Steam.

    At least it’ll cover coffee expenses.

  8. Major issue I found to still be in effect is the “cheese it” option. The areas that are locked remain locked, and are pretty much stuck like that. Thus, you need to basically play the game all over, if you lost your data. Or, if you played a previous version, keep the previous one installed, play the new one, and load a save on the new one. Then you can delete the old one.

    1. The current Cheese it option is just a place holder; it’s meant to only unlock the gallery entries. It will not be properly playable after using that option

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