Crowjob in Space – 15.3.2024

-New scenes;

-Fixed PoV animation in IT-guy’s scene
-Fixed an issue with a wrong background in Yamada’s scene
-Fixed an error that prevented access to the bathroom at Chucks bar
-Fixed a typo on Darling’s & Calvin’s scene
-Fixed an issue where Darling would show up in the mothership too early

-DJ doesn’t have dialogue yet. I will include them as soon as I get them!
-Calvin’s “peek cinematic” doesn’t play when peeking over the counter at Chuck’s bar
-Tribelands still has no music & regular exploration music plays after talking to the IT guy
-Theres a rogue hotspot at Chuck’s bar
I’ll get these fixed on monday, gonna need a little break this weekend

-Fixed a weird duplication bug at the end of Dolce’s scene
-Removed a rogue hotspot from Chucks bar
-Removed the wrong music from IT guy’s hut
-Fixed an error that caused Calvin’s peek cinematic to not play
-Fixed an error that caused Calvin to be invisible after DJ’s scene
-Fixed an error that caused animations to overlap in IT-guys scene
-Fixed another typo on Calvin’s & Darling’s scene

Downloads (updated 18.3.)