Quick update on things

I tweeted this earlier a some days ago, but I feel like I should mention this here as well.

I’m working to bring a bigger update this time around, instead of just one sex scene. This one will contain (full) sex scenes as follows:

Darling & It-guy (Tribelands)
Darling & Calvin (Calvin’s ship)
Calvin & Bartender (Station III)

I’m working part-time again for the winter, so I’ve got more time to work on this project among other things. It still takes time (and you’re getting this free anyway) so just be patient. It’s just a stupid porn “game”, nothing that great in the end.

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Quick update on things”

  1. thanks for the update, Look out for nummero uno first mate, love your work but health and wll being first. we’ll see when the time is right

  2. You’re the best man! Don’t let the negative jerks who complain all the time drag you down, you’re doing a great job! Also more Darling woo!

  3. Oi, just put it on Steam since there’s loads of NSFW games o’ver there so it’ll cover some of your expenses
    Long-time players will gladly purchase a copy as an appreciation token. It’ll bring new ones. Maybe even give an stimulae to create a Female and Herm characters like in original flash game.


  4. just wanted to say, even if its just a porn game, i’ve followed through like almost all the iterations of CJIS and loved all of it, thanks for continuing to work on it for this long

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