Crowjob in Space – 30.3.

DOWNLOADS (~1.42gb)


I’ve used a regular archiving utility to ensure everyone has easier time extracting them. If you’d rather extract using 7-zip with ~400mb downloads again in the future, let me know in the comments.


-Fixed a bug that caused Chuck’s bar not to load.

34 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space – 30.3.”

  1. When trying to enter Chuck’s Bar, it goes to a loading screen and never loads. (I gave it 5min)

    There’s a glitch where if you save anywhere on Station III, your save loads to the diner and tries to display K. Kookie, Qual, and Ham’s quickies all at once.

    If you decline sex with Mrs. Mellow, the Securiant still tells you that he heard you boning her.

    (Windows version)

      1. Hi there!

        I started a new game.

        I’ve also noticed in the Station III save bug that the inventory opens by itself and won’t close.

  2. This new update is pretty good, man! I got some likes and recommendations, as usual:

    The new quickies with the four new guys are nice. Showing off more of Calvin’s thickness in all of them is a plus in my books.
    The bug with the laser gates is gone!
    The broken cameras for Mr. and Mrs. Mellow’s scenes are fixed!
    The dining area is looking good so far.
    I see potential in Chuck’s bar, and I look forward to where you go with that.

    Issh still doesn’t have an option to replay his scene when Calvin mans the bar. I really would like it if there was an option to do that again.
    Vendetta still doesn’t have an option to call her on the intercom. It would make it a lot more handy if she was able to be called without having to go to her.

    And that’s basically all that I have for this update. I look forward to what you’ll be doing for the Xeno quest and the characters in the bar, man. Keep up the good work!

    1. It’s at Station III, you gotta go to the diner, and head to the back, but you can’t enter it due to a bug I think

  3. MEGA just seems to nuke my browser after it reaches around 80% and then prevents me from downloading it any futher because “your storage limit has exceded for today”.

  4. Two recommendations I’ve had on my mind for a while:
    Let Calvin be able to join some characters already having sex(The ones we can only look at), making it a threesome.
    A sex scene with any character/s in the lobby

    Also, 7zip works better for me. Uses less space.

    And keep up with the great work.

  5. Hey Das, what are you planning to add in the future? I have a few ideas, but I have no idea if it’s a good idea, since they might waste your time and-or not be as good as we’ve hoped

      1. Alright then, perhaps in some cases, there could be like moments where Calvin has to grab something from the ground right? (Such as, the keycard the lifeguard gives you after asking for help) Perhaps an animation could play where Calvin bows down to grab it. Although, a chance exists (If you have a room already) that someone you previously talked to could grab you from behind, triggering a sex-scene. Of course, you have the choice to decline or accept. More or less like how the “Don’t drop the soap” joke works.

  6. I cant download this new update, it keeps crashing my browser after about 50%. I have used three separate browsers and still it wont work. Anyone have a fix for this?

        1. All 3 are based on chromium; try with firefox or internet explorer if going through the Mega download manager isn’t an option

    1. Here, too. Narrowed it down to a problem with the hoster: w/o account, you’re limited to a gigabyte per day.

  7. nice, i cant wait in the next update to see Darling in this one too, i hope you do like mr. mellow thing ( i mean two options instead of one, like Bottom and Top Option for Darling character).

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