37 thoughts on “Crowjob in Space demo (17.6.2018)”

  1. i’m not sure if i’m just making a mistake or not, but I can’t seem to say anything to the janitor besides “What do you do here?”

      1. I was looking for that for ages too, its not very obvious. But oo man, finding it was worth it. That “PoV” shot was glorious!

          1. I know that’s the lobby area. There’s nothing to click on except the Dove, the WC, the exit, and hovering over the stairs. Nothing else is highlighted or interactive.

  2. Really enjoyed this Das. Super well crafted, awesome scenes.

    I came up with a more complete list of the tiny glitches I encountered while playing to help with bugfixes (you’ve likely already encountered these, but idk).

    1. When talking to Boss at company, his lower half has quick animation glitches.
    2. Following the Janitor scene, it is possible to go to the location where he is and see him talking to nothing. Eerie.
    3. Following the Receptionist scene, if you try to have a second “quickie” with her, she will start where the first scene ended (crow holding her) in the bathroom.
    4. I can walk on the umbrella outside on the beach lmao
    5. Whenever you get in the ship to go to space, the audio quickly starts out super loud, then shifts to normal level.

    Thanks, hope a couple of these helped somewhat. Keep on keepin on, Das!!!

      1. I have the same problem; I love the game but I can only play the old web versions because my laptop is a chromebook. Is there any way for you to make the new versions web-friendly?

  3. Hey Dad, is it possible to let us play the game in browser like previous CIS games, I really don’t want to download anything. If not, it’s all good, thanks for the games man.

  4. For some reason when ever i try to have some “fun” with the boss it glitches,then the game stops responding, then goes through the scene but everything is black

  5. I have the most recent version downloaded but the boss’ room says not available :c also great work by the way!

  6. Oooh never mind, I was reading the updates and thinking the boss was mr.mellow xD massive brain fart. Anyway, keep up the good work because you’re making a lot of people happy with this project :3

  7. My only quarrel is there’s so much homosexuality and nothing regarding heterosexual content. Is Crow the only character this time or will the shemale shark and female fox also return with interactions between characters of same and opposite sex? Also will we be able to avoid homosexual content in the game as much as possible if we do not care for it? Sorry to offend you if I did, guy on guy is just not my thing. I get it though its popular among furries.

    1. There will be straight content as well. I’ve made sure that nobody is forced to engage in sexual activities in order to progress the game further.

    2. Woah man, the game is in early development and I’m sure there’s much to come in the future. Also it’s Das’ game so it doesn’t have to cater to your specific needs.

  8. Hey big fan of the old CIS, its great to see you making a new one, and the demo is great love the new style of animation. Great work Das

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